View Full Version : Atomsmasher Help!!!

13th Aug 2003, 18:21
i've reached the ATOMSMASHER where i have to deactivate all the bombs in limited time but am having problems finding the last bomb. Can anyone help me find the last bomb before it explodes?

13th Aug 2003, 19:30
I think when you disarm the second from last bomb, near to it is a switch which brngs this big door down u then turn right go up the ramp and its up there, there should be a scientist on a computer thing near by. Im not sure if the bombs are diffrent on diffrent difficultys this bomb is on the normal one. I think that mabey on easy when u have deactivated the bomb by dropign it in the pit you then go to the fire doors and turn left then carry on then turn down right carry on to the bottom and there to scienticts in a crate, they will disarm the bomb there , but as i said im nto sure if the bombs are diffrent on any dificulty if they are then the second one is that last one on easy and the firsts one is the last on normal.