View Full Version : AOD inspired object and outfits thread.

13th Aug 2003, 02:05
Post screens of your aod inspired objects, outfits,and textures, here.

Here is a screen of an updated version of my aod outfit Lara has a new more aodish looking shirt.

13th Aug 2003, 05:14
THat's excellent, i always have admired your good work! Keep It Up! BTW could i put i a request that you would do the TR-TCL MOvie Wetsuit! I'd love to be the proud owner of your version!!!:D

13th Aug 2003, 16:57
I think i came a long way from my first aod outfit http://www.angelfire.com/hero/angel_of_darkness/firstaod.aod
I got more into detail and style and this is what i cameup with.
being the first person to add a real beltmesh, and really customize her face i feel really proud of my workhttp://www.angelfire.com/hero/angel_of_darkness/angelofdarkness.aod

13th Aug 2003, 18:34

One of five for my new levels
Thanks to trangel for guns and boots

13th Aug 2003, 20:23
outfit looks great i really dig that belt.
very creative

13th Aug 2003, 22:20
Thanks for the comments.:)

Great work everyone!

I might attempt TR-TCL movie Wetsuit in the future.

Blind Intentions
14th Aug 2003, 01:12
Very nice CC. You catch all the small details that a lot of people miss, like the faded texture of her shirt and her braid (from the other screens) :)

I have a couple here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?threadid=22476) and one I was working on but wasnt satisfied with, so I didnt plan to release it. Do you think I should?

14th Aug 2003, 01:53

Wetsuit from my deepsea levels

14th Aug 2003, 18:59
Thanks your to kind.:)

I really think you should release it. It looks cool to me. It looks like an outfit Lara would be creeping up to a base in or something. Great work.

devoid22: Great work on the wetsuit. If you have some screens of your deep sea levels I woudl like to see them.

15th Aug 2003, 03:27

Here you go more at my website
still in the works

15th Aug 2003, 15:47
Great work.

I will be sure to download it when it is released.