View Full Version : Uh... that's against protocol agent

13th Aug 2003, 00:12
I am sick of my allies to stop helping them. when in a fight and u have allies around you after the fight is over (if its a unatco troop) he'll say something like "that's against protocol agent"
since when is doing your job against protcol???

13th Aug 2003, 00:29
That doesn't have much to do with DX:IW, it's a minor thing in the original I don't even remember.

13th Aug 2003, 07:46
neither do I.
what I remember is "How unprofessional", but it must not be at the same time

14th Aug 2003, 20:04
how unprofessional is what shannon says when you walk into the womens restroom the first time you are in unatco hq.

and i what i forgot to add was that i hope DX:IW isn't like that.