View Full Version : Stuck in Graveyard plz help

12th Aug 2003, 15:27
I have just talked to Francine and climbed through the window, i got across the ledges ok and into the graveyard but i cant seem to find my way out. can anyone help?:( :confused:

Leigh Croft
12th Aug 2003, 15:32
You need to find your way onto the mauselium roofs and jump into the area with the Angel statue.........

Lara Lurver
12th Aug 2003, 15:33
Ok jump down and kick the guard dogs till they're dead. (its just they are really annoying.)

Then jump across the tombs/graves until you are in a fenced area with an Angel statue. jump down from the tomb/grave and open the door. Lara will use force and then she will feel stronger. (the lightning bolt).

Then go behind the angel and push it forwards. It will topple over and smash a tomb lid. Jump down and ta-da! Level complete!

12th Aug 2003, 15:38
ill try that now thx vry much:D