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12th Aug 2003, 14:44
What was your favourite gun and ammo in DX1?

12th Aug 2003, 15:05
"The crossbow. Sometimes you've gotta make a silent takedown."

12th Aug 2003, 15:09
True.But still i luv the assault rifle it's a machine gun and explosive launcher all in one.

12th Aug 2003, 16:11
Stealth pistol.

Good accuracy, chance for improvement, capable of using a scope, and uses ammo which is easy to find. Perfect fallback weapon - once you have it, that is.

12th Aug 2003, 17:21
"Sinper" rifle all the way. With enough skill, you don't get any movement when using the scope. I dumped most modifications on it, including the silencer. Simply perfect....

12th Aug 2003, 19:55
Probably the regular pistol. Once you max it out with upgrades theres basically nothing that cant be done with it, expecially when you combine it with the dragon sword.


Guard1: *thump*

Guard2: Hey bob, did you hear something?

*zip* *zip*

Guard 2: *thump*

JC: Guess not.

12th Aug 2003, 22:51
Hard Decision...

Sniper Rifle... *zip* *tink* *thud* Kill from a distance, and move in unmolested.

Assault Rifle... Bonzai! *budda-budda-budda*

GEP Gun... *beep, beep, beepbeepbeepbeepbeep* *phunk* *BOOOOOM* *screams of burning gaurds, as gaurds in the direct angle are splattered on the side of a building* Killing is never pretty...

Stealth Pistol... ... In and out in no time.

12th Aug 2003, 23:33
that's strange i thought that most people would pick the flamethrower cuz its funny watching the guys run aroud waving their arms.

12th Aug 2003, 23:40
I hate flamethrowers. They usually don't have a specified use, have nothing else that makes them a better weapon, and are in more FPSs you can imagine.

Really do people really like that much to set things ablaze? :confused:

12th Aug 2003, 23:47
i do that's cool you set them on fire and they run around screaming. also they do have a good use when you're fighting anna, gunther, or a MIB set them on fire and shoot at them while they are running around:p

12th Aug 2003, 23:49
Fair enough :p

12th Aug 2003, 23:55
i guess no 1 likes the PS20 much

13th Aug 2003, 00:15
Originally posted by BDenton
i guess no 1 likes the PS20 much

Yeah, what's the point of that thing? It only had one shot and I always ended up killing myself with it. :p

13th Aug 2003, 00:16
allright you said your favourite guns. so what's your favourite type of ammo for it if it has multiple types of ammo.;)

13th Aug 2003, 07:48
tranq crossbow

(and 2 remarks 1) this thread should have been posted in the DX1 forum and 2)there is ALREADY a thread similar in the DX1 forum, I think)

13th Aug 2003, 11:47
i like two weps, the crossbow..for real skillful takedowns...or the assault rifle..i focused all my mods on it including scope AND silencer....the perfect gun..accurate at distance, still usable at close range

14th Aug 2003, 19:57
the best function of the assault rifle would have to be the 20mm ammo. then you can get rid of that room hogging gep gun and make space for ballistic armor and thermoptic camo.

18th Aug 2003, 19:05
The Sniper, Prod or the Mini Crossbow I would say I use these ones quite alot!

W.C. Duck
19th Aug 2003, 20:46
originally posted by BDenton
its funny watching the guys run aroud waving their arms

originally posted by BDenton
that's cool you set them on fire and they run around screaming

you sick bastard! ;) :) :D

Zombi Z
21st Aug 2003, 00:28
But seeing the E3 2003 trailer was a bit more than discouraging for the flamethrower. The target seemed harldy to be phased by it in that build. Flamethrowers are anti-personnel tools if not farming equipment, yet the target from the trailer stood there and kept shooting bothered only slightly less than a My Buddy doll. I believe that in DX: IW, ammo for the flame thrower should be more scarce (hasn't been used much since Vietnam as far as I know) since it's an ancient arcane thing, but should scatter personnel and incapacitate them much more so than demonstrated in the trailer. Also this is using Unreal Tech right? Why mess with the Unreal II flamethrower? I'm assuming those are real-time rendered flames? Didn't do half bad I think.

The thing is most of these sods are probably augmenting themselves to counter bullets. Now, if they intend to make their skin like kevlar, they're still susceptable to knives since the ballistics is not in their favor: Imagine tougher and tougher trashbags. Your finger (a bullet- a relatively blunt object spreading force on impact) will not puncture the bag, but a sewing needle (a bayonet) is unyielding. Now, how exactly do you make skin tougher? More skin cells? Foreign material possibly requiring more nerve cells? Either would still make the bastids duck'n'cover when a rusty flamethrower (I'm not being literal about 'ancient and arcane') pokes around the corner, primer flickering, excess fuel dripping. You don't stand and deliver in this scenario unless you're covered in aluminum bubblewrap with a vaccuum seal between you and your armor.

21st Aug 2003, 06:59
Zombi Z have you ever played Postal 2? God, that game is an arsonists' heaven, among other things.

Got to love knocking people's heads off with a shovel and then batting them around for a while... d-: Now where's that puking teddy bear?

Anyway, on Deus Ex, you mentioned the whole Unreal 2 flamethrower thing, definitely my favorite thing about it was that you could spray some gas around first, then light it for even more burning fun. Anyway, I definitely agree. It's silly to be carrying around a weapon that basically does nothing. Not such a great agent if you are dumb enough to be carrying things that you will never use really. Hard to imagine a flamethrower doing nothing though. Heck, even from a distance it should be able to slightly melt some of the lighter metals, and up close... I think they should let you spread a little gas around, Postal 2 style, and it should, as you said, scatter your enemies since they should be running around screaming and all. Of course, it doesn't hurt if they have a tendency to run towards you and that if they touch you you get it on you too. Heck, maybe even make you tend to loose control somewhat thanks to the flames. I imagine that would balance things out well enough to make the weapon more useful, right?

Zombi Z
21st Aug 2003, 19:45
Z to Nazo: Actually the very concept of including a flamethrower is fine with me. But seeing half the trailer devoted to dropping one man with the flamethrower tells me that the device is not yet as powerful as it should be in-game.

21st Aug 2003, 23:12
Oh no, I'm only saying that it wouldn't very well make sense for someone who fancies himself a decent fighter to be carrying around weapons that are basically useless, which, from what you were saying, it sounds as if the flamethrower will become. I mean, what does a flamethrower weigh? I'm willing to bet it isn't near to being just a few pounds d-: Personally, I'd rather carry more ammo for my pistol than a flamethrower in such a game.

Server Cerbrous
24th Aug 2003, 11:56
Stealth pistol, witty and fast firing!

Also pistols don't have that damn recoil! :mad:

25th Aug 2003, 03:53
OMG. Now that I've played more, I'm definitely going with the Dragon's Tooth. Darn that thing is fun. Sneak up behind and chop them down, but, what's really fun is when they spot me and try to run for it. I have to chase them down and chop them up. Just imagining what it must seem like to those guys with a crazy person running around slicing everyone up with a sword makes me laugh every time d-:

BTW, I don't know about recoil, but I noticed with interested that the recoil mod can be used on the pistol. So I guess it must have some very tiny amount or something.