View Full Version : Raziel's Escape????

12th Aug 2003, 10:10
Hi all i was just watching the Soul Reaver 2 cut scenes on my video and i noticed in the very last scene you see raziel there is a
locked gate (its not the one he entered to fight himself as that has a door directly behind it)
I just wondered if this is how he manages to get out of the stronghold as this doesnt seem like much of a spoiler to give away ,cause we have seen the gate in sr2 and have been told Defiance will take off directly from where sr2 ended.

Or is Defiance gonna be a little like the start of soul reaver 2,ie raziels wraith blade didnt change its attitude until he found the physical reaver in williams tomb, will this be the same with the shifting ability until he meets the Elder God and he says" im no longer giving you access to the material realm you insolent blue jawless prawn erm i mean pawn "(or somewhere along those lines) and if this cant be answered as its a spoiler ,will the
game then explain all the new changes to our unheros abilitys?

12th Aug 2003, 18:57
We have to understand people who make games must sometimes take liberties with the characters abilities for the sake of the game. Im not sure these things will get explained. But I think the wraithblade and the shifting will probably be explained.

Im not sure there is a gate in that room at the end of SR2 either, Im still under the impression he is stuck there forever if he cant shift from spectral. :)

15th Aug 2003, 20:07
I don't think raziel escapes at all. I think squiddy snatches him and tries to trap him but raziel finds a way to escape. I remember hearing raziel is 500 years ahead of kain to begin with. I'm guessing this is like in SR1 and raziel Has spent centuries trapped by the EG.....