View Full Version : Do they ever pay attention to things that will make the old TR back to life ?

12th Aug 2003, 07:38
Maybe some have read this, maybe some has not, but I just read this, so read this lot....

Originally from www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr1/glidos/interview.html
Appendix 3. How has Glidos been received by Eidos/Core.

I'm not sure they know it exists. I've certainly had no response from them. Before I had the idea for Glidos, I approached Core and Eidos offering to port TR1 to the TR2 engine, but Core said talk to Eidos, and Eidos said talk to Core. Since developing Glidos, I've contacted them, asking if they're interested in it, but heard nothing back.

:rolleyes: Why do they seldom listen or pay attention to their fans or things that would make TR better ? :rolleyes: