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11th Aug 2003, 22:53

I've finished all the objectives, but I've only found two of the four secrets, and only about 2850 of the 3490 loot.

I found the nugget way up in the rafters above the Hammerite temple, and I think I worked a lever that opened a picture in a room, where I found a jewel.

I'm also missing one pick... but I think someone said earlier that Thief II missions always show one more pick than actually exists; is this true? If so, I've got all the picks.

Any more of your world-famous and exemplary hints? :cool:


12th Aug 2003, 00:56
I have a loot list for the mission. I don't know why I've never sent it in to Cheap Missions. Just forgot I guess. If you want a copy, send me an email. Some of the missing loot may be in the secrets you missed, though not much.

Hints for secrets you missed: Check the kitchen pantry carefully and also the tombs. These are not "find the lever" secrets but just items that are slightly concealed.

Some loot you may have overlooked:

There 's a hammer lying on the ground in the cave with the Watcher and Turret.

Did you find the Sewerman's rooms? There's stuff in there, but they're also easy to miss. Check the warehouse room outside the hallway that has the door into the room with the lower vault door carefully. Do some climbing.

Coins on a table in the Library.

Vase behind some junk in the East Tower.

You're right that most T2 missions are always short one pickpocket, though a few people have figured out how to fix that, I think.

12th Aug 2003, 10:01

All right, I found the secret gold bottle in the pantry, bringing my secrets total to three (out of four).

I'm currently in the tombs, standing in the big, central room with two sarcophagae and four doors. I'm next to the open sarcophagus, whence I just lifted a little loot hammer.

I followed all four paths from this room: one leads to the objective hammer, which I got a while back; one leads to a room with a fireplace... past this room is another with an upright desk -- and connected to it, another room with a desk on its side (and a safe, which I picked). Mantling onto this desk, I was able to mantle up to the room above, where there is a door leading into the mechanist-patrolled part of the Hammerite temple (you have to remove two pieces of rubble to open that door.

In another direction, I found a goblet sitting atop a sarcophagus; I lifted it, bringing my loot total (with the little hammer) to about 3000... still almost 500 short of the total. And I haven't found any secret loot in the tombs yet. What am I missing? I've looked into every open or spilled sarcophagus I've seen, opened every trunk, and so forth.

Upstairs, yes, I had previously found the cave behind the boxes into the sewers; but there are locked gates everywhere. I got up to the sewerman's room, used the sewerman key, and got into his lockbox and something else (bottle, goblet, I forget). I found a machine I could turn off and on, but I couldn't figure out what it did.

I found (before I posted) the ladder leading up to the east area where I'll escape to later. Child of Karras patrolling there, shouldn't be too difficult.

I also already found the vase behind the boxes in the East Tower and the coins in the library.

I am missing lots of somethings... but where?


12th Aug 2003, 12:25
I sent you the loot list, which should answer your questions, because the missing secret is loot as well. :)

12th Aug 2003, 19:22

Thanks, I'll ponder it and try to figure out what I missed.


12th Aug 2003, 21:11

All right, I finally found the stupid cup.

I enjoyed this mission -- except for this cockamamie idea that one goblet is not just loot, it's also a secret because it's hurled into a dark corner of a bright, heavily patrolled room and is therefore virtually impossible to find.

Also, too many loud floors. I've never liked that. But other than those two nitpicks, yes, a fine mission.

I ended up with 3023 loot (out of 3490, well over the minimum), all four secrets, and seven of eight picks, which I think is all of them.

I'll download Ominous Bequest next.