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Capt. Lenko
11th Aug 2003, 15:21
I've taken a look-see around the forum and its all GC and PS2!! I have a TS2 Xbox version and ya'll are whining like "The xbox version is too hard." I've beaten all the arcade leagues just fine. I've Beaten story mode on hard also, challenge was easy. Plus we all know the Xbox has WAY better graphics than the PS2 and GC. just wanted to let you know

Captin Snow
11th Aug 2003, 17:26
They're just jelous because the Xbox has Halo. So am I... I have a PS2. I do agree the graphics look best on Xbox though.

11th Aug 2003, 18:40
the x-box version is exactly the same as the ps2 and gamecube sure the x-box may have better grapics but thats not going to change the game. also is there a point to this thread apart from complaining

Captin Snow
11th Aug 2003, 18:50
Here's an artical I found on the Xbox that's funny as ****:


Check out the rest of his site too, it's funny.