View Full Version : Moving Objects

11th Aug 2003, 13:02
Can someone please help? Whatever I do in the game, I just can't seem to shift things like boxes. The wardrobe wouldn't move for ages, and then just shifted?? Now I am at the Serpent Rouge and can't move the box to get on the rigging, and I couldn't move the block in the church either...

Am I missing something really obvious?

11th Aug 2003, 13:33
Perhaps you are missing the fact that the game has A LOT OF ERRORS!!!

11th Aug 2003, 16:29
Line yourself up with the object, make sure you have good camera placement, press action and get Lara into her block-moving stance, then press the direction you want to push or pull, and most important, make sure you hold the action button until you get the object where you need it. If you let go of action, Lara let's go of object.:)
Hope that helped.