View Full Version : what Is the story behind TR 4?

kathy 5
10th Aug 2003, 22:02
when Lara Is little she & von croy find a tomb of some sort?

he goes for the Iris & gets trapped In side the spear.
o.k. now lara is all grown up & Is looking In this same tomb from years eariley?
& von croy seems mean Is he taken over by a mean sprit or something? up until the end when she her self gets traped he tryes to help her or Is this just a show? please fill me In thanks

so far I just love this game!!!!!!!!!

12th Aug 2003, 02:44
I'll fill you. This is the best lara game. There is alot ahead of you. Its the REAL lara croft. before
it was sold to some MONKEY.!!!!!! mmmmmmaybe more later.

28th Aug 2003, 11:22
When Lara is young she goes on her first adventure with Von Croy in cambodia. He gets greedy and tries to take the Iris but he gets trapped. Then later Lara is adventuring in egypt when she removes the amulet of horus from seth's deathplace which will release seth (the god of evil) at the turn of the next millenium (tonight). Lara can't put it back, so she has to acquire the armour of horus (god of protection) in order to fight Seth. When she gets to the pyramids, von croy uses evil powers to turn into seth. He tries to kill Lara but Lara escapes. As she is coming out, she sees von croy as the pyramid collapses. Von Croy offers her his hand because he feels guilty but she doesnt trust him so she falls...