View Full Version : What happened to Lara's trademark pistols?

Bruise Pristine
10th Aug 2003, 21:56
What happened to Lara's unlimited ammo pistols? Can you get them as a secret item in the game or anything? And what about Kurtis' weapon thing?

10th Aug 2003, 22:32
the only way to get her trademark pistols is cheating... you´ll not find them on the regular way.

And Kurtis´ weapon is a self-made pistol :D

Leigh Croft
11th Aug 2003, 09:26
You cannot use Kurtis' Chirugai weapon, which is a bugger.

11th Aug 2003, 15:03
I bet they made a fortune out of it.

What a crappy theory. :rolleyes:

12th Aug 2003, 15:47
Originally posted by Omega_Weapon
Eidos cut a deal with a cheat company to charge you $10 for an extra disc for the cheats to get the dual pistols. Hell that deal is the reason for a complete absence of cheats you can enter manually like previous TR's. Kinda sucks, huh?

If that was so, then I guess Sony cut a deal to have the LeMans Playstation Viper GT-R in Gran Turismo 3 and Nintendo cut a deal to have the original Legend of Zelda game be accessed in Animal Crossing.

Anyhow, like how you can access the Playstation Viper GT-R and original Legend of Zelda in their respective games via a cheat device when those were actually weren't meant not to be in the games,so you is the same thing with the pistols. They're only there due to remnant of code that wasn't removed.

12th Aug 2003, 15:58
Or like in TR level editing putting the grenade gun into your wad but not actually putting it in the level.