View Full Version : Do you think that they will patch this?

Mike Hawthorne
10th Aug 2003, 21:24
Now that Core has been fired, there has to be some hard feelings. Yet they are the people who should do the patching.

I'd hate to be the new guy asked to come in and patch a program that I haven't been working with.

What will happen? Will they just leave all the bugs in the game and move on to the new one or will they try and fix this.

I have finished the game and will wait until it is fixed before I play it again. I don't really feel like doing it now but would be really hot to go if they fixed the controls.


10th Aug 2003, 21:27
i am no software programmer or anything but i would go ahead and start playing or i doubt you will again if you wait for new controls. i am saying this out of pure speculation, i dont think they can just release a patch to fix a whole control scheme... anyone else agrree? but i mean, the controls are not that bad after you get used to them.

10th Aug 2003, 21:33
im no programer of any kind either but i would have thought it would be possible to implement a patch to alter the controls of the game. i wouldnt hold my breath waiting for one tho.

10th Aug 2003, 22:01
Nope, I'm not a programmer either, but the controls are really a matter of opinion or personal taste, not a bug. There are some control issues that could be fixed with a patch...lags and whatever. But, I don't see them re-doing the entire control scheme. There are quite a few things they could fix if they wanted to, but that will probably depend on if they make enough money off of the game to support it. But, short of releasing a second edition, that still leaves us PS2 users up the creek.

Mike Hawthorne
11th Aug 2003, 06:14
I can't believe that the controls aren’t a glitch.

No one could have intended that Lara would target something on the other side of a wall and then become impossible to move.

Or run around in circles on every stairway she comes to.

Or run only straight at the target.

Or fire uselessly at the wall when the target is right in front of her.

Or as is the case on my computer do a roll when the target key is pushed, even when she has her gun out.

This is just really bad programming.

If they don't fix this and I doubt they will, (if they could have, they would have) they really blew it and this game may go down with Ultima 9 (remember how bad that was after 8 good to fantastic games) as the game that ended a dynasty.

I think that TR will survive but the next game had better be fantastic or they are dead.

They are not going to attract many or any new players with this one. The real problem here was probably the fact that they decided to design a their own engine instead of adapting one of the new 3D engines that they could have licensed from some one else.

I don’t know but I would guess that the original TR crew isn’t around any more and that this was done be someone else.

Well I have my fingers crossed and now we have to wait another year to get what we expected this time.