View Full Version : Update It Already!

10th Aug 2003, 14:17
does it bug anyone else that the tombraider.com website is NEVER hardly updated... i mean if i just got rid of core, i would of gotten rid of their little logo on the website and at least tell the people who go to tombraider.com! maybe they didnt like the people who made the website and dumped them too hehe:rolleyes:

10th Aug 2003, 17:32
I would like to see the website updated more often, but they didn't exactly dump Core. They still own them; they just took TR away from them.

10th Aug 2003, 18:51
well, they shouldnt have core on the tombraider site if they "took tombraider" away from them anyhow then. oh well, this is the only place i know to get updated news about tombraider now but i think it'll be awhile til there is any..

Leigh Croft
10th Aug 2003, 18:58
I agree that the site should be updated more often, it was realy frustrating in the run up to the games release because the U.S site got updated every 2 secconds while the Brittish site was hardly ever updated which realy ticked me off seen as its made by a British company and it must have been just as easy to update them both at the same time!! :rolleyes: Hovever, there isnt that much to report on now is there? Unless thay decide to give us the re-vamped and full version of the game........well, I can dream.

10th Aug 2003, 21:25
haha, well, they didnt even announce the release of the PC version on the USA site which kinda made me mad. and there was never a link to the AOD patch of anything! but oh well, im just waiting patiently for them to make up their mind for what to do with tombraider