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10th Aug 2003, 00:26
"We read you loud and clear player 1, stand by for player 2 "

Even though that Defiance may or may not be the last game of the Legacy of Kain series, depends on how well this one does (which I think they'll end up doing another afterwards), I still have to wonder why you are both player 1 and player 2.
How hard is it to have 2 discs instead of 1. To have 2 players instead of 1.
I have a couple nephews (9 + 11) that love to watch me play these games, if it were all possible they'de take turns as I could show them during game play on how to use the controls and how to operate the characters. And it would also give them a feeling of being a part of the things that I'm interested, as small as this is (these games: LOK). Giving them a feeling of being appriciated and in a sense it unconsciously builds a folcal point for being a team player.
I'd like to see LOK have such a game in the future where all the characters from all the time zones come together, have an adventure, and allow 1 or more people to be able to play. Kinda like an online game spanning the world over.


10th Aug 2003, 01:21
You mean Splitted Screen or Multiplayer :confused:

10th Aug 2003, 06:53
Originally posted by tomb_raiding
You mean Splitted Screen or Multiplayer :confused:
Splitscreen could be one option or can only join back in when that person is at a certain point in the game. Multiplayer could be another option when linking 2 or more systems together (with another television set, I guess, haven't done it personally) or even going online where there are multiple levels to which someone may move freely to explore. To be able to choose from several hundred characters, some we already know of, and others we do not.
For every new character, there is a basic game which introduces that character, and ties you back into the online game.

I could see it happening. 10 year or more project. What do you think? Am I dreaming? I think so . . :(


13th Aug 2003, 14:58
If I got it right, you would want to choose a character among hundreds and play with it trough really big levels? This would happen in LoK-world and there would be other players too. I recommend that you just play Halo.:rolleyes:

Ok, like first it would be really hard to put hundreds of interestin' characters into LoK, 'cos it has its own range of great charas' allready. And eaven if Lok will be a successfull story after 10 years, I don't think that'll happen. Or who knows? Hylden will be gettin' personalities and 'old' vampires will be returning.:)

Actually that's kinda interesting idea (now I'm denying all that I said... -_-). It would be cool to be able to customise your character (offcourse it would be a spin-off to the series or somethin') and the familiar characters would help (or destroy) you on your journey... :p An interesting idea, yes, very...

But this would NOT happen in near future, no doubt about that. (Blah, just hit me, okay?)