View Full Version : Was Proto too easy to kill in your opinion?

Verbal Dagger
9th Aug 2003, 17:18
I found Proto to be way too easy. Usually I don't comaplain about that because I hate getting stuck on one thing forever.

I killed Proto my first time though and it only took 1/4 of my health away. BUT it could have to do with a glitch in PS2 where I had unlimited ammo (as I mentioned in another thread).

Did you all find him too easy to kill as well?

9th Aug 2003, 17:39
Yes, I could say so...
I guess...

10th Aug 2003, 10:50
I got killed the very first try as i tried to run round the room...and he just killed me.
The 2nd time i stood still after the cut scene and just stepped backwards while shooting.Didnt lose any health at all this way :D

Notts Raider
10th Aug 2003, 15:51
I killed him the on the first go by giving him a good kicking.

Leigh Croft
10th Aug 2003, 16:21
I thought the last bosses were WAY too easy. They were hardly a challenge at all as long as you knew what you were doing. Something at least as hard as Boaz should have been the boss for the end of the game. It was just too easy.

10th Aug 2003, 16:33
In my opinion, the ENTIRE game was too easy
But yeah, Proto was rather easy to defeat...I did it hand to hand and didn't even waste a single bullet

11th Aug 2003, 00:44
Heh, I actually thought this was a poll... well anyway my answer is yes.. too easey, you just had to go around and shoot the thing! (Or kick it right?) Although I had a problem there, i saved everytime the creature was down (yeah I know.... I save a lot!), but on th ethird one after I saved the creature disappeared (I tried that twice!), just like that! I couldn't pull the switch or get out of the room! Good thing I always save on 2 or 3 different slots... and I would recomend everyone to do that... Imagine, i would have to replay all the game again... Jeez!

11th Aug 2003, 04:40
I killed Proto with only losing half my health. I also had a ton of ammo, so it was no problem. He was easy, but for me that's a good thing because I'm worried about Boaz....