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9th Aug 2003, 16:47
Which gun or guns did you liked the most?

9th Aug 2003, 17:17
I always liked the rapid fire guns most. I also like the dual scorpion (not the single one) that you can get with cheats. They feel like uzi's.

9th Aug 2003, 17:42
Yeah, Scorpion X acts like (not looks like) a single uzi!:cool:

9th Aug 2003, 19:19
The Dual Vectors of course :) But since it's not in the poll, I'll choose the single one!

9th Aug 2003, 19:24
Hey I could only have ten multiple choices.
When talking about a pistol I mean both dual & single!:p

10th Aug 2003, 19:49
The Scorpion X was excellent for a rapid fire gun, and I loved the K2 Impactor- one shot and your enemies would scream, twitch, and squirm all the way down to the floor (I laughed so hard, I replayed the Louvre Galleries (and Under Seige) just to use that gun). :D

10th Aug 2003, 20:14
I like the Viper SMG the most.

BTW, do you ever get the trademark double pistols in this game? I haven't played it very much. I'm not very far.

10th Aug 2003, 20:17
No, you don't get the double pistols- unless you cheat (well, if you can call it a cheat) and go through the invent.gmx level, but that's another complicated story.

10th Aug 2003, 20:28
SS Tranquilizer, without a doubt. One easy shot and the Louvre-guards will fall down and become invisible :p

11th Aug 2003, 07:24
K2 Impactor does the same job though...
If you only voted for this reason you mentioned above you should vote for K2 Impactor too...

Anyway... that's my opinion not yours.:D

12th Aug 2003, 01:52
My favorite is the V-Packer anyway... I love that sound :D
Especially when shooting rapidly :D

12th Aug 2003, 08:14
K Impactor off course. Allthough I usually just refer to it as the Stungun.
And yes, I also think it's funny to see the guard squirm and twitch. :D

11th Oct 2003, 18:59
I miss the good ol' M4A1 or M16 or a Rocket Launcher!!! yeehaaa
I like the MP5 but hand2hand is fun if you listed it i would go for that or the dubble pistols (using cheats)

11th Oct 2003, 23:03
I mostley liked the Borax and the electric one. Watching those guards squirm is a good payback when the alarms turn on.

12th Oct 2003, 05:16
The stunning gun was nice. It was really fun to watch those poor animals turn blue- but that was about it. I really miss my Uzis :(

12th Oct 2003, 15:41
the guns in aod were ok, i miss the uzis and the desert eagle though... i loved the impactor, great fun! von croy's gun was just pathetic

15th Oct 2003, 17:55
Actually the desert eagle exists in TRAOD but can only be found if you go to Bouchard by the janitors way....

16th Oct 2003, 23:58
I liked the SS Tranquilizer and the K2 Impactor. I love to watch those guards fall, either squirming or falling asleep. It's fun!:D