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9th Aug 2003, 16:41
Before I formatted my C drive for a "spring clean" TR2 had no in-game music, no cutscene soundtracks, sound effects were often distorted and interupted, FMV was distorted screen was a little shaky at times.

Now... Now I've re-installed it onto a fresh PC the music not only runs but loads instantly as if it wasn't reading from the CD. Sound effects are crystal clear, screen is perfect, saved games load up in about 1:20th of a second, if that.., all FMV is completely smooth... SO much better than before!

My compatability settings are set to Win 95, the game hasn't been patched.

ANYONE know why this is happening? I did the same install as before and everything... odd...

9th Aug 2003, 16:52
Haven't a clue, but that kind of happened for me when we bought a new computer about 2 years ago. Except that we went from Windows 95 to ME. :p

9th Aug 2003, 21:35
not really sure, as I have no idea what you had on the drive prior to the format..but I would wager that the reformat cleaned out alot of the useless garbage (IE history, old files from uninstalled programs, etc.) that Windows likes to spread around the HDD which resulted in a faster read time for you

10th Aug 2003, 03:45
what version of directx did you have before you did the spring cleaning? and what version do you have on it now after you did your spring cleaning.

10th Aug 2003, 13:32
Yeah that happens sometimes. I have had cut-scene etc problems with TR2 across multiple systems and OS installations and I've never gotten it to work. So I change nothing, do nothing abnormal, throw in TR2 the other day and - hello - cut-scenes. No sound, but cut-scenes. Well, it's a start.

um, I'm just putting it down to f---ing Windoze f---ing everything up, as per usual.

Before I formatted my C drive
you only have one partition? I forget that people do that :)

11th Aug 2003, 11:36
Direct X 9, used it before, using it now. I only ever have one partition for my hard drives, I split stuff up with folders only :)

I guess that formatting your hard drive is like a carpenter getting his ears syringed, all the wood shavings get washed out and then s/he can hear much better! Yack!!! >_<