View Full Version : On PS2 - Kurtis has unlimited ammo?

Verbal Dagger
9th Aug 2003, 14:26
Did anyone else run into this? Whenever I looked into the inventory he had at least x77 clips for his gun. It would increase as I picked up more ammo, but wouldn't decrease. (Now there's a bug I don't mind).

He would also show up as having x77 Pariapt shards (the crystals).

Also, since I just got to play with Kutis, I haven't read any of the Kurtis threads. I have to say though, that this charachter is rather clunky and his levels almost bored me into a coma. Then the Proto - Yawn. Glad to have Lara back. :)

9th Aug 2003, 14:34
I did not notice it until I read it in a thread on the forum.

I just thought I had lots of clips. lol

9th Aug 2003, 14:35
When I started playing Kurtis I had 831 clips, so I shot absolutey everything. When I got to Boaz I had 944 clips. I feel a little guilty when I read all these posts from people who had no ammo to fight Boaz with, but, oh well. :)

Oh yeah, I think I had like 97 shards.

9th Aug 2003, 15:18
At the end of the game with Lara I had only 39 shards,
and every time I was stabbing Eckhardt my stock was increasing.:confused: :confused: :confused:

bonnie :)
9th Aug 2003, 22:31
I played on PS2 but didn't have the bug with unlimited ammo. Had to conserve ammo the best I could but I didn't mind....on any games I conserve expecting to need more near the end. Takes some of the fun out, tho. :)

Lil Lara
9th Aug 2003, 23:09
hm, Kurtis never ran out of ammo for me, so it is quite possible! :p

11th Aug 2003, 03:00
On PS2

Didn't happen for me......I ran out of ammo fighting Boaz!!!

11th Aug 2003, 17:02
I had this bug with Lara but not with Kurtis.

Sawyer Beaver
12th Aug 2003, 18:07
I ran out of ammo fighting Boaz too.:(

Veronica Ma
13th Aug 2003, 05:27
i had around 1700 clips. PS2 version.

18th Aug 2003, 17:33
I had 255 ammo always... no matter how many shots i fired the ammo will still stay at 255... And I'm playing PC version... cuz I got a little help from GameWiz :D

Black Angel
19th Aug 2003, 20:32
If you need to conserve ammo, you might realize that on the first level of the Sanitarium any Sanitarium Zombie whose straight jacket is still completely intact (meaning that the arms are still restrained and not hanging loose from the jacket) is incapaple of even launching an attack at you. However, if you are bent on total annihilation, just kill the harmless zombies using hand to hand combat. Note: All Sanitarium Mutants can seriously damage Kurtis, so when you run across them in the Maximum Containment Area level draw your Boran X and hammer the action button like there is no tomorrow until they stop coming. I hope that this helps you.

19th Aug 2003, 21:52
the best way I found to save ammo while playing kurtis was by running away from ennemies. after the sanatorium massacre that I made I was left with 3 clips and about 5 bullets. Then when I entered the maxiumum contamination area I made a quick left and ran into the lab (actually I think it's a morgue). after the cut scene ends I ran out made 2 rights and then straight forward through the hole. by doiing these you save at least 4 clips ( very usefull when you fight the Proto-thing). By the way when u enter verner's apartment go right and pick up the clip that's sepparate from the handgun and the other 2 clips. it is unlimittede as long as you don't pick up the handgun. I picked about 100. it's quite usefull if u wanna save viper ammo.