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9th Aug 2003, 09:06
Hello everybody !

I'm a french newbie so if my english is bad, scuse me please...

I want to know if possible how can we make cutscenes such as cutscenes of The Last Saga 4... ?
Thanks in advance !


9th Aug 2003, 15:08
Nobody ? Help me please

9th Aug 2003, 19:32

I think Tomo (creator of the Saga series) will be explaining how he does one day or another: I thought I saw someone posting that he will publish some tutorial about it maybe.

If not, maybe write the man himself?


9th Aug 2003, 22:40

Have You learnt nothing since I left !
I teach and teach and teach and ....................
Your still waiting for TOMO to release all the secrets of animation !

Im very very dissapointed , i mean Utterly speechless

uh , where do i begin ......
Animation Editor
Copy Lara Skin into Animation slot ,
Add Joints in a Cad program
Animate lara to sing and Dance
Trigger Audio and Animated object in game ,

just...... wasted

If Tomo has found a fancy new way of doing it so lara herself moves ...great ....Thought I'd left all this behind.... I mean uh just ...........uh Check the Archive or Search for Tenchen to most of the answers about Animating that everyone has forgot

You promised Tomo !

.... just

oO( Calm blue ocean Calm Blue Ocean )

10th Aug 2003, 20:03

10th Aug 2003, 23:27
Your mind o_o
Your mind on Drugs x_X
Just say NO!

10th Aug 2003, 23:36
Ok Ive thought of a fancy new way of making cutsecenes so lara and her joints and hair move

NO Im not comming back ! Im done here.

Animate Laras 1st animation (Usually standing)

Make her sing and dance.

Copy a funky Baddie or Goodie into Animation slot

Make him sing and dance.(no stretchy joints thou..aww limitations you should be used to this word by now :D )

Lara should auto animate , so leave a few frames to begin and time her entrance, use a heavy trigger to animate him

Create a cutsene PRJ , This way the whole level becomes a Cutscene wad & PrJ
In all reality , If there was a way in Anim Edit to get 2 slots to animate in the same window (together) , I would come back just for the sake of making TR the animated movie or something .... but there isnt yet so Ta Ta ! :)

Tip: Animated objects Fudge up when they move into another room :p

11th Aug 2003, 07:58
Tomo make tha cutscenes with 3D Studio Max 4. :)

11th Aug 2003, 16:46
Tomo also released a tutorial .prj with the last saga 4.

It shows you how to setup the cloroform cutscene as used in his levels and includes the tightrope bar swing and file cabnet.

11th Aug 2003, 16:57
Hi TenChen,
Everybody knows, you're the GREAT hero, aren't you? :P
You made the tightroping to work, also the swinging rope anim. You got realistic looking Rain for TRLE and snow too, you've very cool levels with a lot of VERY COOL cutscenes.... hehe

but anyway, you did a lot of support in this forums. ;)


11th Aug 2003, 18:34
Originally posted by TenChen
NO Im not comming back ! Im done here.