View Full Version : Great doings to psyke your opponate out

9th Aug 2003, 00:26
Weapon of choice: Time Mine
Stage: N/A
Synapsis: Plant a time mine on your opponates body, draw attention to your opponates situation, then taunt.

Weapon of choice:Prox Mine
Stage: any open stages
Synapsis: Plant a prox mine on the body of you enemy, draw attention to the fact that if he/she moves around or runs real fast that the mine explosion will just stay behind and not hurt him/her. Do this a lot, you'll have him/her jumping through hoops by any time flat.

If you have any things that could scare an enemy witless, please post your findings.

Hope these work for you.

9th Aug 2003, 15:04
i enjoy placing mines on people a few weeks ago my freind went to get a snack while we were haveing a 2 player death match with no bots i unpaused the game and planeted about 20 remote mines on him. when he came back he coulndnt figure out why i was laughting... lol

gretal mkIII
9th Aug 2003, 17:23
put remote mines on random places like the underside of ramps or above doors. Then, when your mate goes up the ramp or through the door (from the side without the mine, so they can't see the mine) explode it. It really works.:)

Captin Snow
9th Aug 2003, 19:20
I like to put a remote mine on a bot and wait for it to run twords some other bots then blowing it up, usualy getting two or three people in the explosion.

10th Aug 2003, 17:34
if you play zones and put a romote mine right in side the bit on the zone thingys were the light come sout u cant see it, so if you wait near one or look on the radar if anyoen on the other team is gettign near one and blow it ;)

11th Aug 2003, 20:29
I like to place a mine at a spot that a persons going to be at, like he/shes going up stairs, you set one at the end. When the get there they'll think they can just come right in and pop ya. They were wrong.