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8th Aug 2003, 22:47
I've just installed Deus Ex GOTY edition. I would start with a training mission, and each time the game would freeze before completing the mission. Finally, I launched the game in 'safe' mode and no freezing! However, no sound either. What should I do? My system:

P4 2.53GHz, 512 MB ram, 70GB free disk space, Audigy sound card, Radeon 9700 Pro video, Win XP SP1, DirectX 9.0b.

I have latest drivers/updates for everything. I have found that several of my games have intermittent freezing/crashing problems (e.g. Startopia, Indiana Jones/Emporer's Tomb, Port Royale, Freelancer) and I am getting quite frustrated. I'll be thrilled to solve this problem, at least! TIA.

Update (Aug 9): Creative tech support recommended that I change the settings of the PCI Latency Timer and Delay Transaction; Toggle Memory hole; set AGP aperture to 64 or 128; and update drivers. My bios menu didn't allow for the first two; changing the Toggle Memory would not allow my machine to reboot; and I changed the aperture size to 128. Still crashes with Deus Ex and Startopia.

12th Aug 2003, 23:25
Per Creative tech support, I moved my Audigy sound card to another slot. As far as I can tell, all game crashes are gone!

13th Aug 2003, 07:29
the main difference between magic and computers is, sometimes, with magic, you can find an explanation