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8th Aug 2003, 19:28
Here's a preview, it seems like there's new info and a screenshot I never saw before.

8th Aug 2003, 19:46
Another impressive visual feat is the real-time lighting that permeates every level of the game. During our demo, we were able to wander around a subterranean detention center, which was periodically lit with flaming trashcans.


Must... get... that... demo.........

Actually, the part i payed more attention to was:

The best way to describe the new interface is that it's similar to Metroid Prime's visor view. Instead of having disembodied menus, all the information in Invisible War will be displayed in the form of an optical computer. The goal is to make the player believe that everything on screen is actually what Alex D. is seeing around him or her. So, when a menu pops up, it'll be emblazoned directly on Alex's eye. To complete this effect, HUD information like ammo and health is displayed in a rounded fashion, as if it were actually on the outer layer of an eyeball.

Meaning the interface will probably be slick, functional, less intrusive and less cumbersome.

9th Aug 2003, 02:37
Yet another person who, after actually playing the game, believes the HUD is great. :cool:

9th Aug 2003, 12:22
Originally posted by Random
Yet another person who, after actually playing the game, believes the HUD is great. :cool:

We are winning!!! :D

*throws confetti and breaks out the bubbly*

Zombi Z
21st Aug 2003, 00:50
I'll see that confetti and raise you fireworks if unused parts of the HUD would vanish when not in use:

Health, Ammo and active augI'msorryBiomods remain in place, but when a menu-interacting button is pressed, the remaining blocks appear highly transparent, slightly exploded (think diagrams, not flash powder), and focus quickly into the circular shape and become more opaque. After a moment of inactivity, the HUD explodes and vanishes, reversing the animation.

Any takers?