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8th Aug 2003, 18:21
Hopefully Some people read this...
These are my fastest times for story mode...some are pretty insane. If you have trouble with Mansion...wait til you see how fast I did it on normal and hard.

Easy: 45.4
Normal: 1:17.6
Hard: 1:28.3

Easy: 39.1
Normal: 1:00.2
Hard: 1:09.1

Easy: 42.2
Normal: 1:04.3
Hard: 1:17.2

Easy: 22.4
Normal: 39.1
Hard: 39.5

Chemical Plant
Easy: 18.3
Normal: 25.5
Hard: 32.9

Planet X
Easy: 44.1
Normal: 1:01.3
Hard: 1:04.5

Easy: 35.0
Normal: 40.7
Hard: 56.3

Easy: 50.5
Normal: 52.7
Hard: 55.3

Easy: 54.6
Normal: 54.6
Hard: 57.9

If anyone can beat any of these times by any amount, please tell me.

8th Aug 2003, 20:04
i cannot remember my times exactly i remember gettign paintball cheat from tomb but i think i just did the bare minimum to unlock challange mode so i dont think my times are that good..

28th Aug 2003, 21:05
those times are insane!!!!!!!!!
it took my over 8 mins on easy to do mansion (kept getting killed)
u mustn't have killed many to make it that quick!!!!!!!!
my fatsest time is 51.6 secs on cyberden everything else is over 1 min.

1st Nov 2003, 03:01
Yea, like, I beat every single one of those times I posted up there before, some by a LOT.

Here are my new times. They are in order Easy, Normal, Hard.

1935 Tomb 0:39.5 1:04.8 1:16.1
1970 Chinese 0:37.0 0:54.4 1:02.4
2005 Cyberden 0:36.1 0:52.3 0:59.8
1950 Village 0:19.2 0:33.7 0:34.8
1985 Chemical Plant 0:16.2 0:21.1 0:26.3
2020 Planet-X 0:37.3 0:52.3 0:51.5
1965 Mansion 0:31.5 0:39.3 0:44.5
2000 Docks 0:43.7 0:43.5 0:49.6
2035 Spaceways 0:45.8 0:45.8 0:46.0

1st Nov 2003, 10:44
Wow that's quite fast. I can't imagine how long it took you to do that... I stopped after I got all the unlockable goodies myself, but respect to you for your (slightly worrying) dedication.

4th Nov 2003, 21:45
Hay i think i beat your cybeden on normal :D, but why do they give u a decent charactor for beatign it on normal and then femal cybor who sucs for beatign it on hard?

24th Apr 2004, 13:55
Some of those times look unreal, but I know how good Josh is.
How is it possible to get that planet x? If I keep running my time is still 1 min+

25th Apr 2004, 07:36
He gets those scores by doing two things (other than memorization). First, he uses the "fast strafe" controls.The controls require you to run forward/backward with one analog stick, and strafe with the other. You have to strafe the whole time, which means you can hardly see what you are doing. The second thins is backboost. Backboost is when you are shot from behind to increase your speed.

Actually, I am not sure if he uses backboost. That is just a guess. But I know backboost is required for some TS2 levels, such as But Where do the Batteries Go?.

10th Aug 2004, 00:10
all of my times were 1.1 sec for all!