View Full Version : Anyone know how to do matrix stunts on the game?

8th Aug 2003, 16:06
When I play arcade mode I always see the bot set flipin around how the hell do I do them?:confused: anyone know?

8th Aug 2003, 18:00
I'm afraid you can't (I know it sucks :( ) only bots can.

Ab ^_^

8th Aug 2003, 23:53
Actually (I could be mistaken) you can, you just have to do a lot of moving. My bro and I tested this and found you can(I think), (It takes a lot of jinking and turning and juting forward)although you FPS view does not move (It stays at your head level like you didn't do a flip).

9th Aug 2003, 13:00
Originally posted by Rare
Actually (I could be mistaken)

Sorry to say, you are mistaken :rolleyes:

Ab ^_^