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8th Aug 2003, 15:52
Core Design is dying. Tomb Raider is dying. But it is curious to see that few players feel sad.
Players of different characters adapt to different kind of games. I believe all the times that the TR fans are the most steady and fervor one. We play the game as if we really adventure in the ancient relics to challenge our patience and perseverance. We experience the complex feelings that cannot be obtained by playing any other game when we struggle through all acts of Tomb Raider. I like all kinds of games on any kind of platform, many of which make me forget food and sleep. But when the new version of Tomb Raider comes out, I will drop all the games I am playing, since they are insignificant for me while I am playing TR. As my opinion, whatever you like a game, it is just a game, while Tomb Raider is already an important part of most TR fans¡¯ lives.
However, when Eidos deprived Core Design of the development right of Tomb Raider to the Crystal Dynamics of US, what did I see? Few players feel sad or angry, moreover, many players even condemn Core Design for the bugged Angel of Darkness, lose confidence to Core Design in a hurry, give up it, and support the decision of demise gladly.
It is so inconceivable. If such matter happens to any other famous development group of company, it is no doubt how violent responses we may meet. Even 3DO dare not to make such fulsome decision as Eidos has done.
I also wonder why most players support the decision made by Eidos just because the AOD is not good enough. Is Core Design old? Is the AOD really lack of innovation? In fact, all players complain that AOD is lack of original factors, has too few ancient tombs, no high difficulty actions, no complicated puzzles, no secrets, and lose the Twin Pistols¡_ However, Adrian Smith has informed us at a recent interview posted on the laracroftonline.com that they will lead lara back to tomb, as well as dinosaurs, they will make the next generation of TR more traditional.
The best way to solve the crisis of the AOD is to calm down firstly. But we regret to see the ¡°ever wise¡± Eidos Interactive get into chaos in haste by making such a stupid decision, so do many players who even support it and make Eidos much harder to know its fault clearly. Chaos will continue.
While feeling disappointed about Core Design, Some players absurdly wish the Crystal Dynamics to provide a satisfied Tomb Raider for us. What a ridiculous dream! Is there any hope that a game-design company which is not familiar with the original design of Tomb Raider at all and differs greatly from the Core Design in game style can bring our lara croft back to her original style? The Core Design has a thoroughly acquaintance with the European ancient culture, the ancient mythology, the Egypt and the Indian civilization, etc. It has accumulated years of research and information, which appears in every generation of TR and has become one of the most fascinated factors of Tomb Raider. On the contrary, CD does not have. I don¡¯t know what TR can keep if it lose such important factor. A Tomb Raider without Core-Design is just a Civilization without Sid Meier, a Metal Gear Solid without Hideo Kojima.
It has cost Core Design nearly four years to develop a new engine on the PS2. If it still has the right to develop Tomb Raider series, it can concentrate more on the contents, the details, and the bugs of this game instead of the development of the engine to provide us a Tomb Raider as good as, even not better than, it has done in TR1 and TR4. Let¡¯s take a look at what CD will do if Eidos give the right of development to it. CD has to take a long time to know the design of TR to provide the new generation of TR in (perhaps) 2005, when PS2 has already been replaced by PS3. Then the new TR with the old engine on the old platform will be criticized out of date. If Eidos doesn¡¯t discard CD as it does to Core Design now at that time, CD must try to develop a new engine on PS3. So the time-consuming round begins again, and the new Tomb Raider will still meet the same problem as the AOD now does. Look, how does Eidos kill lara croft in one chaos after another. Oh, maybe buying an entire new engine from other company can solve such crisis. But what a mock it is for Tomb Raider, once a pioneer of 3D games, to buy another engine.
I like dream. But It is too fantastic to dream that Crystal Dynamics can make a satisfied Tomb Raider.
Our only hope to keep the original Tomb Raider relies on the self-made levels. But Eidos always despises them. God knows when it will provide the level editor of the AOD. It is hopeless to wait for CD to take a serious look at the self-made levels too. So how long can self-made levels last?
I know clearly that we have little chance to reverse the decision of Eidos only with our player¡¯s efforts, but I still want to try. Because Eidos is not only making the Tomb Raider impossible to regain its success, but also killing the spirit of lara. If Eidos insists on the stupid decision, Crystal Dynamics will no doubt face its failure in the future. Now at least we still have a chance to let Eidos know how important it is to give Core Design to develop Tomb Raider, and the failure it is deemed to meet if only CD develops the Tomb Raider. When Core Design is dismissed, we will lose lara forever. But now it is not the Eidos¡¯ decision, but the player¡¯s attitudes really make me sad.
Tomb Raider is dying. Nobody tears. It is chill.

8th Aug 2003, 19:03
You talk too much crap!

Go to sleep boy!

8th Aug 2003, 20:17
You make an argument FengMengQiu, but wether it's a good one or not is hard to say.
Your fears are unfounded, but I can understand your concern.
In order for Tomb Raider to continue, it was in great need of a new angle. TR AOD, although visualy stunning in places, still lacked the sparkle of the original.
Perhaps Core did spend more time on the eye candy than concentrating on what is more important to those who play it, but Core have done about as much as it can and have done us proud up to now; Crystal Dynamic taking over can only do it the world of good.

8th Aug 2003, 20:19
Out of the horses mouth Glucolisis...........

The Amazing Rando
8th Aug 2003, 21:09
The only point that can be disputed with fact right now is your argument about how making a new engine would take CD too long and turn out the same quality of game as AOD.

Soul Reaver 2 was originally scheduled for a PS1 and dreamcast release. Well into starting it, the decision was made that it needed to be a PS2 title, and the dc version was scrapped. CD then had to make the engine for the PS2 and make the game in about 18 months, and while it is short in length, there are only a few bugs that I know of. The main 2 are the dark forge bug, where you can get trapped in a building after finishing the area, causing you to redo it. This was easily avoided tho, as it was caused by scaring away some birds-which was actually the trigger for a cutscene where the door locked.

the only other real prob that I know of is the fire forge glitch, where the room would fill all the way up with blood when it wasn't supposed to, making it unable to complete the puzzle. from what I've heard, though, a simple reload (when there's a save point right in that room), fixed the problem most of the time.

So while it wasn't perfect, CD provided a quality game in a pretty short amount of time, after facing many development changes.

Your other worries may or may not be justifiable. Only time will tell.

8th Aug 2003, 21:47
Keep Faith in Crystal Dynamics :cool:

Core Lost the Magic :o

9th Aug 2003, 01:25
i can see your fears as well Feng. im thinking as well if Tomb Raider will in fact live on even w/o Core.

but we all just have to wait and see what the next will be like. im keeping my faith in CD.

vampire of balance
9th Aug 2003, 13:13
Lara Croft: I'm destroyed!
CrystalD: No, you are reborn! Become my money reaver, my angel of darkn... *cough* death...

- SpiritShift -
9th Aug 2003, 13:58
-whistles and claps-

LOL Vampire of Balance, well put!

As for the dumping of Core, I do feel bad, but as they say: One must keep the original close, Raziel...but the innovation even closer...

Love the original TR, but anticipate the facelift Crystal will give it one way or another, for good or bad... Personally, I'm hoping for good.


vampire of balance
9th Aug 2003, 14:42
I like both TR and LOK but I think Core lost their passion on TR series since after TR3 and now Crystal Dynamics will give a new birth of Lara. Hopefully TR7 will be the best of the series..

One must keep the original close, Raziel...but the innovation even closer..
Haha, that's good too!

9th Aug 2003, 15:07
Originally posted by FengMengQiu
Core Design is dying. Tomb Raider is dying. But it is curious to see that few players feel sad.

no one feels sad cause TR isnt dieing! :rolleyes:

10th Aug 2003, 01:24
Well said TRChick ;)

LOL Vamp of Balance was that a quote from the Elder Squidy God in SR1

Become my Soul Reaver, my Angel of Death I just gotta play that Game :)

10th Aug 2003, 01:35
you make a fine, sincere argument & may have alot of validity.
But it is true, the death of Lara Croft may be imminent, by a fatal Eidos Sucker Punch to the left temple.

I still think the BEST thing they could've/SHOULD'VE done was to keep making the TRADITIONAL Tomb Raider games as an ongoing venue. Make a new one, but KEEP the traditional game vein going.

Regardless of what anyone says I think that would've been their very best, wisest choice.

TR fans would've had (& is saying, only IF they'd continued to make them good like 1-3, even 4...actually all were good but the last DOA one) more FULL TR games to play & enjoy & continue the special spirit, gameplay, atmosphere, music, sound effects, & vehicle play & exotic tomb & locale textures that has made them so enjoyable. (Not perfect textures, etc. It's the story & gameplay along w/those other things that makes it good).

It doesn't matter that the Level Editor is out, they could still return a group of developers to continue the ORIGINAL series, traditional venue of more 'of the same' which is good stuff.....& have the other team do NEW Engine Lara stuff............

......at least until & IF they ever capture something really good w/a new engine.

vampire of balance
10th Aug 2003, 09:59
Originally posted by tomb_raiding
LOL Vamp of Balance was that a quote from the Elder Squidy God in SR1
Yea, it was dialogue between Raziel and Elder God in the begining of SR1

10th Aug 2003, 19:10
He wasn't a squid back then, or maybe Raziel didn't know, well I spoiled my self wile playing SR2 before SR1 :(

The Amazing Rando
10th Aug 2003, 19:18
guys, let's let the tr people have their cc, we have an lok cc elsewhere. ;)

On the plus side, I'm looking forward to checking out AOD and the next TR game once my PS2 gets back. They'll be rentals, but I'll give them each their fair shot. Good luck to CD with the TR liscence, and good luck to Core with their future endeavors.

11th Aug 2003, 23:12
FengMengQiu?? Ho man!! Wath a lot of Crap!

17th Aug 2003, 11:07
Core's TR has a larger fan-base then CryDy's Kain series. What does that say, Core managed to make games for a larger bunch of people than CryDy. So where is the sense in giving a developer with a poorer track record than the current one, the best seller you have. I know Eidos lost money because of the delays, but theyll probably lose more coz the next games will be for a smaller audience made by a poorer quality developer. I know I wont be buying the next game on the first day(just burnt my hands with SR2) and will wait for it to be a platinum.

17th Aug 2003, 22:24
Originally posted by ahch2003
FengMengQiu?? Ho man!! Wath a lot of Crap!
Look who's talking!
The captain of crap talk, jeeze...