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operative x
7th Aug 2003, 07:25
How do you think game HUDs should be made for today’s games? Do you think they should go all-out-and-fancy like what there doing in Deus ex: Invisible War? Or just enough stuff on the screen to play the game like Half-life, and counter strike? Or should there be nothing? Instead of having a red bar, they could use effects to tell you your life. For example when your about to die there could be motion blur and the players hands will start to shake a lot to signal that he has very low life left. For weapons, the player will have to start to memorize the clip capacity and how much is left in the clip. This could develop the players weapons skills and replace traditional RPG skill systems too. So, what do you think?!??!?!?!
For an example this is how the effects could tell you your health to you.If it were done there probably would be different levels of effects. Level 1 would be 100% health everything would be normal. Then when it hits level 2 at 50% you will start to notice a very small amount of slower movement and inaccuracy. At level 3 would be at 30% the characters hands will start to shake and when he turns motion blur will kick in. Then level 4 20% the hands will shake even more with tons of motion blur . Level 5 10% the hands will shake even more with tons of motion blur and all the sounds in the game will be slightly muffled. So as these levels go down you'll start to see that your character is loosing lots of health instead of looking at numbers or bars.

7th Aug 2003, 07:51
(I hope this thread won't turn into an other HUD-Flamewar...)

in fact, I don't care how the HUD is. I play with whatever they give me (being more adatable than my computer, I try to adapt to the game instead of the opposite)

but I agree with you about the fact that a decreasing health shoud have effect on how you play. this was done (a little) in DX1, where the fact you legs where destroyed implied you had to crawl. but even with no arms left, I was still able to shoot and use tools!

(an I don't even talk about punch&Kick games where your lifebar can be at 0.01% of your total, you can still punch and kick as if normal...)

7th Aug 2003, 13:29
Actually, there is a game out now where you see the effects of injuries on the player's character. It's a third person game, but I can't recall the title. :(

In the scenario for DX:IW, the HUD makes sense — as a nano–augmented human being, you certainly could have something set into your field of vision (though I don't think it would necessarily be "in" the eye itself — I would have gone with nanobots on the optic nerve).

In the scenario for NOLF (both versions), the HUD made no sense — why would Cate Archer "see" how fast she was looking through files or how quickly she was fading into the shadows? And why would she see "Zzzz" emitting from the mouth of a sleeping guard? ;)

But despite that logical inconsistency, I don't care. As long as the game is fun, and as long as the interface doesn't interfer with that fun, I'm willing to suspend belief.

What will the DX:IW HUD be like? Some will love it, some will hate it, but until we have the game in our hands and have firsthand experience with the HUD, let's keep hope alive (hat tip to Pars).

8th Aug 2003, 01:01
Originally posted by Catman
Actually, there is a game out now where you see the effects of injuries on the player's character. It's a third person game, but I can't recall the title. :(

Actually the first time i remember seeing textures representing damage in a player model was on Quake 2 and Kingpin (better on Kingpin). I think it might go before those, but i can't remember.

Good ways to show player injury are by texture use (automatic, on-the-fly reskinning of the player model with damage textures, like bullet wounds and blood) and animations (Resident Evil, for one, with characters slowing down and holding their ribs).

A good, functional HUD would be Jedi Outcast's. 2 circles, one on the lower left corner and the other on the lower right corner. The left one displayed the Health and Shield values, and the right one displayed Ammo and Force power. Menu navigating was also easy - invisible menus which would only appear when players cycled trough items, weapons or Force Powers (and for the patient among us, it also had inventory management :D ).

Another good HUD was Metal Gear Solid's. The shoulder buttons acting as menu cycling trough items and weapons was very good, and not intrusive at all. A simple square depicting items on each lower corner, coupled with a radar and the health bar - minimalistic yet effective.

20th Aug 2003, 14:43
Doom was the first game to show a visual representation of your health, i.e facial expressions. I'll never forget that blood filled mouth groaning back at me.

To be honest I don't like the idea with this HUD on deus ex 2, looks too confusing with the way it curves and bends, I wont be able to see the items properly and stuff. I thought the deus ex HUD was fine with it's sub menu's and what not and a logical layout. Everything was clearly laid out and I knew exactly where to go for each thing. Sometimes it was great when I was in the middle of a fire fight having the crpa beaten out of me, pause the game and activate all my combat augs. Unpause and laugh at the guards with their puny weapons as they attempt to hurt me, then I'd cry when I realised I'm dead because I forgot to check my BE level, D'OH!

21st Aug 2003, 09:16
The HUD looks like the view from a T2000 to me. Pretty naff. Looking at the screenshots I take it we have to pretend that all those fancy weapons just convieniantly fit under your jacket.

21st Aug 2003, 11:05
Personally I don't care what the HUD looks like as long as it doesn't interfere with the game itself. I think that this one takes up a lot of unuecessary space and is very bright, however if it doesn't actually affect the game play or if it can be turned off, then I don't care.:D

Deus (Seraph)
21st Aug 2003, 17:23
Well, most times I don't care what my HUD looks like - as long as I stay able to interact with the world. But what I really like is when I have some chance to customize my HUD - like it was in DX I. You could change colors, and also turn off every bit of information on the screen. So i think Ion Storm will give us that opportunity in DX: IW again - wouldn't make sense if they didn't.

Erik Denton
21st Aug 2003, 18:39
when i was waching the German trailer i saw someting very bad. When somebody contacts(at your infolink)you you see that a huge blue screen apears. its almost inpossible to see beyound that. I HATE THAT. what do you al think of this??

29th Aug 2003, 20:36
The bar has been raised considerably with FPS games. For the most part, gamers demand realism in terms of graphics - no Atari-2600 graphics will be accepted.

So, as the art designers work on environment graphics, there is a question that needs to be addressed. Do we give the gamer an incredible FPS experience "envionmentally" but make them feel they are simply controlling a bot? OR, do we make them feel they are REALLY there!

Que in the cybernetics vision!

Let's face it, DX was a GREAT game, but the hud made you feel like you were controlling a bot from your computer...which you technically were (i hope). This new graphics hud makes you feel like you ARE Alex Denton, and your vision is cybernetically enhanced to display critical data...i.e. Terminator vision. Personally, I think they could have done a better job of this, but it shows you that they are dedicated to providing you with a truly immersive feel. I just wish they would have done something more to the feel of the first Terminator movie - he had a very cool vision field (although a tad reddish).

24th Dec 2003, 04:56
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