View Full Version : Strange things afoot in Von Croys appartment

7th Aug 2003, 00:25
the first time i played i took this screen shot.......


however a second screenshot came out as .......


can anybody else see the differences between the 2 pics ?

7th Aug 2003, 00:41

All in second picture
1. Theres a clock on the wall.
2. There's another salt n pepper shaker on the table.
3. A piece of sausage missing on cutting board.
4. Theres a red thing on the table.
5. Time on the microwave is showing in second.
6. Theres no writing on the bread bin.
7. The handle of the first drawer to Laras left is missing.

Did I miss anything?? Do I win a prize? LOL

7th Aug 2003, 00:54
Full health bar or was this a different version?

7th Aug 2003, 00:59
between the 2 of you there are 2 more differences to find. 1 is quite difficult to see due to the brightness of the pic :p

7th Aug 2003, 01:06
Found one

Grey mark on the picture near the join

7th Aug 2003, 02:05
Geez, it feels like I've been on here all night. What time is it?:confused:

I found 8, including the health bar.:cool:

7th Aug 2003, 02:13
Missing backpack shoulder strap.

7th Aug 2003, 02:30
yep - that's gotta be it.
Now we have 10.........

7th Aug 2003, 02:38
Great job on the picture TR-AOD! :D

7th Aug 2003, 02:59
I agree, that was fun!

Can you do some more??

7th Aug 2003, 10:43
yeah you got em all, im so glad you enjoyed it :D

7th Aug 2003, 12:43
In first picture Microwave is off and in second is on !
wait ! where is the clock ?
Don't fake the tableau!
and don't pick flowers !

7th Aug 2003, 12:54
Ok here's another one to whittle away those precious minutes of your life..................



hope GoranAgar doesnt mind me nicking his picture :rolleyes:

7th Aug 2003, 14:26
i have too much time on my hands!

1.xbox logo = blue in pic2
2.no index finger on hand in pic2
3.blue/white thing on box next to xbox (think its traod logo) in pic2 in place of mag in pic1
4.in pic2 lara's sunglasses from old games are in the pic under renne's counter
5.in pic2 lara's got a white thing in her hand (cant see what though
6.green circular thing by corner of chair with gc on

cant see anymore

7th Aug 2003, 14:49
no face on little clock
no end cap on left arm of chair
something red in lower case of brokers desk
diff. color on the X box
something on cabinet in front of lara, instead of recorder
something on floor by right side of chair
three stripes of shadow on floor,,one stripe is broken
gun in lara's hand
hand-- bottom right of sceen is diff.
[/list=1] did I get them all??

7th Aug 2003, 18:09
Reflector on front of bike is lighter.