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7th Aug 2003, 00:10
Can anyone help me out? I was stuck in Macintosh land when I bought this game, but now have a great PC and absolutely need to buy the GOTY edition ASAP. Seems that nobody carries it any more and I couldn't find it on Ebay. I'm dying here...

BTW - I still love my Mac and use it for a lot of stuff, I just got tired of the ultra-limited game selection.

7th Aug 2003, 07:41
In france we had it one year later than the USA, but at leasst, it's still on the shelves, around 15€ (hehehe)

when do you travel to france?

7th Aug 2003, 10:50
I don't know if they have the same release labels over in the States. But here in the UK, the GOTY version is on sale under the "Premier Collection" label (DVD case). There's also the "Sold Out" label (sold in the UK for a measly £5), but I don't know if that's the GOTY edition or not.

7th Aug 2003, 13:03
Looks like the Eidos Store (USA Website) (http://www.eidosinteractive.com/estore/index.html) still has copies for $39.99 plus $7.95 shipping.

7th Aug 2003, 13:17
it is MORE expensive in the USA than in Europe?

(and it's still 39.99$ after 2years?)

I mean, with this price, you better buy it online, and have it shipped from Europe, even with shipment cost it will still be cheaper. (but it might take a little longer)

7th Aug 2003, 17:22
I got it $20 in June last year at best buy...

7th Aug 2003, 19:23
I'm gonna try the visualization technique and visit Best Buy one more time, but will probably end up using a good chunk of my rent money buying it online. :eek:

I see that XP is not listed as a supported operating system for DX, but I also seem to remember seeing some folks recommending XP to solve some problems at one time or another. Is XP ok?

Thanks again!


7th Aug 2003, 20:09
try looking in a future shop that's where i got mine less than a week ago. i found it in a pack called 4-play action pack volume 1.

b4 that i wuz stuck with only the demo cuz i couldn't find it anywhere so i know how u feel.

7th Aug 2003, 20:25
I run Deus Ex GOTY on an XP machine with no problems, and I know multiple individuals who've had the same luck. So long as drivers and what not are up to date, you should have no problems.

7th Aug 2003, 20:27
Originally posted by BDenton
try looking in a future shop that's where i got mine less than a week ago. i found it in a pack called 4-play action pack volume 1.
I hope this isn't what I think it is. Take a good look at the package and make sure there isn't a disclaimer that the Deus Ex version is a 5-mission pack.

7th Aug 2003, 20:42
Found it for $20


Never played T2, so this will be quite a treat.

7th Aug 2003, 21:04
Originally posted by slofish
However, Catman, I thought someone in Managar's thread said the 4 pack had GOTY and T2 and Commandos 2 and sumpthin' else. Sounded like an Eidos pack of some sort. I'm thinking of a package called "The Adrenaline Pack" or something like that. Five games from five publishers, so it doesn't seem to be the same thing.