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6th Aug 2003, 22:31
As some of you know, I have been trying to finish FFVII for a couple of years now. (Yes, I know, don't laugh at me).

Anyway, my question is: Does anyone have Windows XP and if so is there any major problems with the game on XP I should perhaps be aware of at this time?

My computer is brand new, only 4 days old, and I surely don't want to blow it up or something.

Thanks for any help.

6th Aug 2003, 22:42
You should really post this in the Final Fantasy place...they have the experts hanging out there from time to time and maybe the illustrious Nightstalker or Moggraider can help...as well as anyone else who really knows their 'puters and games.

7th Aug 2003, 00:02

Anyway, your computer couldn't be damaged by FFVII. At worst, it just wouldn't run. I have XP. I'd install FFVII to check but my HD is loaded to the gills right now =/.

Chilled Unit
7th Aug 2003, 08:27
I remember threads on the old board I think where some people had issues with the game on Windows XP whereby the movies wouldn't run, and I think Chocobo Racing didn't work.

I don't know the answers unfortunately, but I remember that Sir Canealot was the man for getting it running smoothly.

7th Aug 2003, 16:38
I'm running FFVII on WinXP. It's perfectly smooth. You just have to download that patch for the chocobo racing (dig around this forum). You also have to make sure you have the latest graphics drivers.

Scenes can be too smooth sometimes... there will be instances where the game might be running too fast to be playable. The motorcycle chase for instance.

7th Aug 2003, 22:12
Chocobo Patch.


10th Aug 2003, 18:32
Thank you all for your help.

It is my desire to conquer this game just once before I die. Hopefully this will be the year of winning. :D

12th Aug 2003, 13:47
i have win xp
p4 1.7ghz
40 gigs free
1024 rambus ram
Radeon 9000

everything was fine after i tried the program compatability wizard. until i got to the fight for the sector 7 plate. the plate crashed and so did my cpu.

i found the chocobo patch and tried it havent had another problem. got all the way to the final sephiroth. used omnislash, lock. it locked with omnislash at the top of the screen. ive tried this like twenty times and it always crashes when i try to use omnislash. thats fine for the rest of the game, but i need omnislash to kill sephiroth to beat the game. any suggestions?

12th Aug 2003, 14:53
I never heard of a cure for that.

Maybe it's a sound timing issue. Try putting Sound Acceleration to basic. type, dxdiag. it's inside the sound tab.

You'll get the exact, same effect if you play the 3 ending movies in order with mediaplayer, with it in full screen mode....you've already seen the 1 ending movie you just need to play the last two. The ending credits are even in those things. Actually everything is inside them, except for the battle with that omni slash.