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6th Aug 2003, 18:21
Ok, alot of people are complaining about this game. I have never played a 'Tomb raider' game before this one. I wounder if they are compairing this game to the previous Tomb raider games? I have had a few concerns with graphics, got that sorted in options, turned off the 'intel' option, and a key pad that didnt work, but overall the game runs smooth and the sound is top quality. Do you have the new Directx 9.0b? Have you got the new soundblaster drivers? Most important get the new Detonator drivers for your GeForce card, huge difference. The game play is ok, but not outstanding and yes there are a few control problems, but overall the game is fine. It might not be worth the money, but what is these days. If you want a realy bad game to compair AOD to try James bondNightfire. That had the most horrific bugs ever. I game to be removed from the shelves of ever store in the land and burned. Try that and then play AOD again.

7th Aug 2003, 01:57
you have a good point there, but there ar e quite lot of bugs. I think people keep repeating that, just to make sure its not their imagination playing tricks on them. I have only experiened one game stopping bug ( sanatorium) where kurtis went in to a dark void( twilight zone) and never came out again. Had to start the level again. grr