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6th Aug 2003, 16:59
I'm sitting here playing TS2 on my X-Box. And I decide to see just how big a difference stamina will make in a deathmatch. So I get R-109 and Viola out. I start off by racing them, and find that Viola is noticably faster (though not as much faster as her statistics seem to indicate, the difference is quite obvious).

Anyway, I have them draw their silenced pistols, and start making body shots. Now, maybe I'm just shooting in the wrong places... But it took eleven shots to kill Viola, and... Ten to kill R-109. Um... Am I doing something wrong? Character abilities was most certainly switched to "yes" when I tried this.

6th Aug 2003, 20:22
Thats not possible, unless the pistols were different revolvers are the strongest I know and on 007 nightfire silened pistols are weaker if you some how drawed one silenced and the athor not that could be it. Well thats 007.:confused: :confused: :confused:

6th Aug 2003, 23:56
That's unusual, try it again, maybe shots to the head. Try punching, R-109 should do tonnes of damage to Viola.

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