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6th Aug 2003, 16:45
When you post or reply, or when you click the link to mark all threads as read, you get an intervening page telling you that now you will be returned. Is this intervening page really necessary? Is it an option that can be turned off or is it hardfixed into the forum software?

I disable meta-refresh because I do not normally want to be pushed to whatever is the next page without knowing where that will be. Some sites will actually push you to another page off their domain. I want to know when that happens. There are times when pages are screwed up and disabling meta-refresh is the only way to see it happen. I can't do anything about redirection but I can do something about meta-refresh. I don't just have meta-refresh disabled in the browser's settings, but I also use PopUp Cop which will insert a description telling me where there meta-refresh will take me.

Whether meta-refresh is enabled or not, the intervening page will show up. It seems stupid to display a page that says "Ok, now I'm going to show you the next page" instead of just showing that next page. The intervening page is pointless - in my view. Maybe it has some real use in the design of the forum software. I remember that flood control (how fast you could submit the next post) was supposed to deter slamming the forum with spam or abusive mass-fill posts. So what is this intervening page supposed to deter?

Old Man
6th Aug 2003, 23:29
Could be simply an "i"nformation message letting the user know the computer is working so they don't reboot because the computer froze. You know, the cursor changing to an hourglass sort of idea.

Grey Mouser
6th Aug 2003, 23:51
It can't be turned off in any way that I see in the default vBulletin software, nor is there any reference to exactly what it is doing.

As far as why it is there, I just may quiz MsLedd or the vB developers...now you have me curious.

7th Aug 2003, 01:47
Originally posted by Vanguard
Is this intervening page really necessary? Is it an option that can be turned off or is it hardfixed into the forum software?

The page is needed to perform automatic redirect. This forum code is entirely PHP but it needs HTML/JavaScript to do this kind of navigation. Hence this page. It also reports success or failure of your actions.

The page itself can be changed though (for instance to use JavaScript instead of meta-refresh or display nothing at all) but it will be there regardless. (unless you hack PHP code)

7th Aug 2003, 03:00
No way... I discovered the real truth! :p

Eidos using that time to hack into our computers and corrupt all non-Eidos games!!! ;)

7th Aug 2003, 16:48
Sooo what you're saying is... You disabled meta-refresh because you dislike pages automatically taking you somewhere without telling you first, and now you're asking if there's a way to disable the forums page that tells you where it wants to take you next?


ummkay, well the answer is no. If you have disabled the re-direct function you will have to click the link provided on that page to proceed. :)

[edit]To answer your other question: The page is there for a couple of reasons 1) To let you know that the action you requested has been taken (ie: post submitted successfully) 2) As mentioned before, to let you know what happens next.