View Full Version : help In the pool room with the current TR 3

kathy 5
6th Aug 2003, 16:36
o.k. I guess befor I jumped down to the pool I should of pushed a button where you put the pass card that you get from killing a gard
well now I'm In the pool room with the grates & current & I have to jump aroung the room until I get to the green ledge to pull a switch to open the other under water door

I can get over to the window & than to the first flat ledge than you can jump up to another flat ledge but I can't get to the secound burnre from which flat spot should I be jumping from
please help

7th Aug 2003, 16:24
What level are you in. From your description, I can't figure out where you are.

kathy 5
7th Aug 2003, 16:26
the secound part of lock up but don't sweat It I figured It out & now I'm In area 51