View Full Version : What about rights to the L.E.?

sk8er punk
6th Aug 2003, 13:32
Since Crystal Dynamics now own the rights to tomb raider, they'll then own the rights to the level editor (I think). Does that mean they can just take it away from us or not let us use the character, the tomb raider name or and related trademarked material? Also, it might be illeagal for Core to release the source code to us now too. AND unless Crystal Dynamics decide to make a game with Kurtis, then there won't be one, since he is part of tomb raider, which Crystal now own.

Also, I saw somewhere a suggestion to send a letter to core asking if they want the series back and if so if they want our support. I sent a little message to them regarding this topic, so when or if they reply I'll post it here.


6th Aug 2003, 16:03
It think CrystalD would own rights to any new level editor that comes out (if that ever happens). It would not make sense for them to have rights to the old one and tell us not to do anything with it or use the character because we already have been for however many years, and I don't think they can stop us:)

6th Aug 2003, 20:59
I can't say what is or what isn't, and neither can you sk8er punk. Whatever Eidos, or Core design or Crystal dynamic wish to do, it's beyond any of us to stop it.
But most of all, Releasing the level editor was good for Eidos and Core design, because it kept the fans busy whilst we were waiting for TR AOD, and continues live even after almost three years...... what possible advantage would there be to withdraw it now?

@ Gandalf, I'd like to see the old TR engine become public domain for many reasons but paramount must be because the fans put Tomb Raider and Lara Croft were they are today; the fans should become the surrogate mother. I can forsee Tomb Raider being as cult as Doom, but will die without intervention to give it a new lease of life; and this can only be a good thing for Core Design/ Crystal dynamic and Eidos. ;)

6th Aug 2003, 23:18
I think Eidos retains all the ownership rights to the TR franchise, not Crystal or Core...That includes the level editor. While they may give licenses to Crystal to develop the game, I don't think Crystal will have the right to take away Lara or the editor from us.

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me...I don't mind looking stupid.:p

8th Aug 2003, 01:11
I would much rather play TR built on the traditional engine, the classic Tomb Raider........it's alot more fun, I think would ALWAYS be fun, ......

.......It needs to keep the music & such from TR 1-3 (&gold's), that's one thing that's of paramount importance to it's enjoyment & atmosphere in my opinion. A big thing in the aesthetic's & FUN factor.

.......Also, the basic gameplay & atmosphere.....plus the wonderful sensations from such sounds & effects as the snow mobile crashes in pits, etc., those Yeti sounds, etc.

......TRADITIONAL TOMB RAIDER is best, & probably always will be.

The New one didn't have ANY of the special stuff. Besides being bad, it was also just like a run of the mill, any ole game.......in it's feel & atmosphere. YUK.