View Full Version : Lara's house (bin done before quite a few times....yes, I DO know)

6th Aug 2003, 12:27
Ok, I just wanna see wot everyone here would think of a new tomb raider game. One where you could move Lara around her house more, and like change her clothes, and cook her own food and stuff........

It could be like the sims, only it would be better and more realistic...........................

However, the house would have to be more improved, like better rooms etc. Also, I think, that just for once the furniture should be the RIGHT SIZE!!!! What is up with, like, the massive toilet, and the massive sink in the kitchen that you can stand in???!!????!!

I also think that Lara should, for her home, be given like gymnastic moves, like cartwheels, and proper backflips, and stuff. There should also be a punchbag that you can actually use!!