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6th Aug 2003, 11:43
I have a strange feeling that somebody already posted a thread like this... but I can't recall seeing one, so...

Classic question: What was your favourite and most hated level of AOD?

For me:
BEST: Hall of Seasons, "to see is to dribble" (Copyright, Rf)
WORST: Strahov fortress, mainly the box-pushing bit, uuuugh, reminds me of my neighbours garage!!!

Leigh Croft
6th Aug 2003, 12:07
Hmmm, dunno about my best level, I liked Louvre Galleries and the Hall Of Seasons.

As forr the worst, well thats EASY!


God damn it I HATED that level.

6th Aug 2003, 12:14
best: Hall of Seasons. No doubt about it. Challenging, exciting, tombs...

worst: Strahov Fortress: a bit dull, graphics weren't that amazing, the boxes were frustrating...

6th Aug 2003, 12:44
worst: Hall of Seasons was really the only level I hated. Sure it was the only tomb in the game, but didn't bring those classic tomb experiances from the first tomb raider. I just remember being stuck in the Hall of season level for a while and then getting rewared for the red ghost which seemed like ages to complete.

Best: Believe it or not I love all the Paris levels. The idea of Lara without any weapons and running from the cops was great. But I don't really remember running from the cops and Lara did get a gun very soon after the start of the game. Well anyways I have alot of favorite Paris levels which are; Industrial Rooftops, Parisian Ghetto, The Serpent Rouge, and St. Aicard's Graveyard. The lourve was also quite fun.

6th Aug 2003, 13:09
Mine are:

Galleries Under Siege beacuse, you get the Mag Vega and, you get to either Stealth the guys or, you can shoot them.

Hall of Seasons because, of the stupid The Wrath of the Beast

6th Aug 2003, 14:32
Best was :
Hall of Seasons and all its sublevels(Breath of Hades, etc.)
Worst was :
Every other level except the Hall of Seasons and all its sublevels

7th Aug 2003, 00:23
Best: Hall of Seasons and all sub levels.

Worst: Parisan Ghetto (to many loadings).

7th Aug 2003, 02:00
Best: Bio/Aquatic reasearch areas

Worst: the Sanitarium (Kurtis is cool, but I think his levels suck)

7th Aug 2003, 02:59
I love them all except for the lost domain and the kurtis levels

7th Aug 2003, 03:02
I really loved the Hall of Seasons area.

I hate Von Croy's apartment because is shows up the worst of the control issues - Lara is currently trying to shoot a couch to death. If she stands up from behind the couch the autotarget aims right at the couch, not at the cleaner. This is a most unusual strategy for getting out of trouble.

7th Aug 2003, 03:37
Favorite : Tomb of Ancients because of it's large scale, and tomby feel, even though it wasn't very big.

Worst : Strahov Fortress because it's too blah. It should have made the player feel like we were in extreme danger, and we had to be very very careful.

7th Aug 2003, 07:37
So much contrast here! Take for example Wrath of the Beast: PLAYA INC'S BIG THUG hated that level, me, I thought it was THE BEST of all 4 seasons!
Guess we're all different! :)

Breat of Hades by the way. Be it short or not, all you have to do is take one look at that level when the logs are up and ooooooooooooh YEAH! Now to me, THAT is Tomb Raider kickng butt!

8th Aug 2003, 11:19
My favourie levels (I have to say levels :) ): All the levels within the Louvre. And Hall Of Seasons. It gave me the same feeling the old TR games does.

The worst: The Sanitarium. It was kinda boring and badly put together. Missing textures everywhere.

9th Aug 2003, 11:39
My Fav Levels : I loved The Louvre Galleries it was refreshing and never done before in any of the previous games, I want to go to the Louvre now just to see how it compares to the game! I also liked the Bio Research levels it was so colourful with little butterflies in it... yeah right, no I did like this level tho and lastly the Sanitarium... major scary level made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.... cool

Worst Levels: Without a doubt Boaz returns, and then just the bit of the level after that where you had to do that damned time trial with the door... hated that. The Strahov Fortress with all the box moving was BORING !!

11th Aug 2003, 04:27
I haven't played through all the game, but so far for me the best and worst levels are:

Best: Maximum Containment Area. Very scary for me, with those Mutants and all.:eek: I actually screamed when one of 'em caught me by surprise!

Worst: It's probably going to be Boaz Returns. I got a taste of that boss fight tonight and I didn't like it.


I finished the game today!!!!:D :D :D I still stand by my judgement. Mutants delightfully scary, Kurtis still a slow pain in the ass.

11th Aug 2003, 08:17
best: either hall of seasons + sublevels, vault of trophies (always like a good underwater level), or probably the part in the galleries with all the lasers you needed to dodge

worst: probably either boaz returns or the first two levels (they were really boring)

11th Aug 2003, 11:47
Really? When I played through it a second time I thought Boaz Returns was a fantastic level! A little less so the first time around... but neh!

11th Aug 2003, 11:57
yeah, but the problem is, and i only found this with boaz out of ALL tr bosses, that the first time its v. annoying, and the second time onwards its increadibly easy, which makes it boring

11th Aug 2003, 14:58
Best (but still loathe): Hall of Seasons.
I had the most fun with this section...until that BLOODY RED GHOST (%^&*!!!).

Worst: That really boring level that consisted of running around in the sewers, climbing pipes and turning like six valves. BORING!

Oh yeah, and Kurtis was virtually useless wasn't he?

11th Aug 2003, 23:07
Lizley, I live in France, so I have seen the Louvre as you can guess ;)

The part with Mona Lisa (the corridor that leads to the big room where there's the painting and the huge one next to it) looks surprisingly like the real room actually.... as far as I can remember paintings aren't put that way, and the room was less blue, but otherwise, it could be it. Then, all those signs you see in the Louvre actually copy the real ones.... Which felt weird at time... I wonder if Core took a trip to the Louvre to take pics... I think so.

Best : Eckhardt's lab... Then Tomb of the Ancient (I love that huge pit)

Worst : Parisian Ghetto.... And The Sanatorium, not because of Kurtis, but because of its poor gameplay and design.

Blind Intentions
12th Aug 2003, 07:08
Best: I really enjoyed the Parisian Ghettos and Louvre Galleries. It's nice to see Lara as a regular civilian interacting with others.

Worst: Louvre drain sewer whatever you call it. As jj212 put it, "BORING!"

13th Aug 2003, 17:22
Thanks for the info on the gallery Nounours, I'm still going to go visit. I think CORE did their homework on getting the levels as near as they could to the actual place. :D