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5th Aug 2003, 19:56
i have ordered TS2 but i dont have it (yet), i was chatting with my nephew and he said: TS2 NOOOOOOOOO!!!
because he said he played it and the game had no crosshair....
i have looked at the trailer and i saw a crosshair, then it was gone, the i saw it , and os on....
i have 1 question, does TS2 have a crosshair or not, if yes, plz explain how it works...

thx a lot ( i nearly had a panic attack)

5th Aug 2003, 22:41
Theres a crosshair which you can turn on or off as you want but by defult its off and only comes on when you use manual aim.

The thing is you dont really need a crosshair most of the time (specially if you have auto aim on) and when you do need it you would be using manual aim so it would come on anyway.

The other thing is aiming on TS2 is alil different to all other fps in the sense that usually when you move your crosshair it stays centered while your screen moves around but in TS2 the screen stays centered while the crosshair moves around (until it reaches the end of the screen and then the screen will start to move). Some people like it and some people don't but still get used to it and other just cant cope with it.

Hope your not one of the latter but I'm sure you'll enjoy it and you havent made a mistake by buying it ^_^