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5th Aug 2003, 18:57
Hi, I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask about this but I've searched the forums (which somewhat helped) but I still have some problems.

I had to run my game in software rendering mode until I came to this site and found out that if I get riva_tnt that I could actually get some decent graphix. So I did get riva_tnt and when I unpacked it I used the ff7config and I had the option of checking the lil nvidia box at the bottom and use direct3d hardware, yay! I wasn't really sure then which box I should check right of nvidia, riva or tnt (since I'm very illiterate in these kinds things) so I first checked riva128 and my game was all messed up, had lil cubes all over the place and stuff. TNT would get ff7 to start up but there would be a black screen until the menu (you wouldn't see the chocoboes running and stuff). So basically to make a long story short, it's not working, I don't knwo what I'm doing wrong... oh and under the features for direct3d everything is a pass except 8-bit paletted textures (it's got a "---"). I would really appreciate some help on all this. Thanx

5th Aug 2003, 18:59
oh and one more thing... I'm very illiterate in these kinds of things so please speak to me not in a technical way but like to a five year old :P thanx!

5th Aug 2003, 22:27
Don't check any of the options...and don't use the FF7.exe from the patch.

If you still get grid lines.....turn off Anti-Alaising.

If it still messes up....it's going to get technical. No way around it.

I'm use Win98se with a G2 card, DirectX8.1....and Detonator Driver 43.45. And the 3d works over here.

10th Aug 2003, 19:58
I've had the same problem Moontears with all those cube thing showing up on the screen, all u need to do is go to Anisotropic setting and either turn it off or put it to 1x and it should fix that cube problem