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5th Aug 2003, 11:41
ok so they moved my "find Lara" over to the general discusion forum (have you ever been in there?? its scary :eek: ) so i made an AOD themed one. This time you gotta find,

The Caretaker
3 gaurds from the Strahov Fortres


Leigh Croft
5th Aug 2003, 14:07
Hmm, I entered this thread in TR:AOD forum and left it in Community chat, is this thread some kind of inter-forum wormhole? :p

Hee hee cool pic tho, had a bit of trouble finding the last guard though, found him in the end though! ;)

6th Aug 2003, 00:39
You should do a "Find the Revolver" for your next one.:D

6th Aug 2003, 02:10
Found'em all!:D Plus a monster from the bio-dome and 2 asylum zombies, I think.

Lil Lara
6th Aug 2003, 02:43
erm, who's the caretaker? my mind is a-blank. :confused:

Leigh Croft
6th Aug 2003, 10:15
He's talking about 'The Cleaner', the crazy dude who tries to kill you on the Von Croy's Appartment level. He doesnt actually 'clean' :p, just a metaphor for killing people I suppose. :rolleyes:

6th Aug 2003, 12:08
Hitmen are referred to as "cleaners".
You know, the guys that "mop up" loose ends and such.

10th Aug 2003, 04:02
Well, only if they don't leave a mess, then they're just hitmen...

10th Aug 2003, 04:06
TR AOD !!!

I was just thinking... you'd be just the right person to do an update of our old TR Forum group collage - a lot of new people, and you could get most of the pics from the Data's member's photos thread, or ask for member's pics... just something to challenge you, and keep you busy too... are you a graphics hobbyist, or just have some time ???

BTW - didn't need any more help to finish the game, which I thought was good, and FUN !!!

How about it everybody, should TR AOD do a collage for us ???

10th Aug 2003, 11:07
Originally posted by JunoJIm
How about it everybody, should TR AOD do a collage for us ???
Absolutely! :) That's a great idea!

(If he wants to of course! TR AOD, please say yes!)

10th Aug 2003, 21:21
hehe im flattered i really am, but i know nowt about computer graphics, i had a fortnight off work and by the second week got really bored so started messin about with a gif animator that comes with Paintshop pro, and made a couple of simple animated gif's(eg, the one in my sig). then i started mucking around with paintshop. I couldnt do anything, that anybody else could with a copy, and probably worse than most. I dont mind messing about with stuff but im no graphical artist or nowt.

11th Aug 2003, 21:50
Found them all! Though finding the last guard tho...


21st Aug 2003, 00:14
YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!