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4th Aug 2003, 23:21
I've been through every door and pit I can find, and have managed to open the right-side tall door in the room with the (lounging chairs?), but there's nothing useful in it! And now I'm stuck. Generally, there's some wall I should be looking at when I get stuck, but the walls are stubbornly empty. Please help :(

5th Aug 2003, 01:14
Are you in the arena already? Or passed it or before it?
'Cause the lounging chairs don't ring a bell! :D
But then again, it could be me... :D
I am willing to help you (on several occasions already, but it doesn't seem to work out :D ), but my mind draws a blank here... :confused:

5th Aug 2003, 02:07
Lol, I'm just not very good at explaining myself, am I?

Imagine you're entering the arena area for the first time. Directly across the arena is a room high up in the wall. There're "lounging chairs" (I don't know the correct term, so for lack of a better one...*shrug*) in the room, a gate blocking you from a pool of water on your right, and on the far end are two tall doors. That's where I am.


5th Aug 2003, 02:33
OK...... So you've reached the arena..... :D

Well, you did the gorilla thing I presume and are now staring at the locked gate...... Well, don't do that! :D
Didn't you notice any weirdness in that general area? If you haven't (and have not yet read the spoiler) try running around the room with flares..... That's the best way to find these kinds of weirness.... ;)

(drag your mouse over the blue area to read it.....)
(weirdness like say a moveable block)

6th Aug 2003, 00:40
Thank you

6th Aug 2003, 22:51
If your in the coliseum, your in, perhaps, one of the most complex and difficult areas in the whole Tombraider series. You really must consult a walkthrough on the internet, if your going to get through that place. I recall there where timed runs in the animal pens, difficult hidden secrets in the spectating area, and difficulties in the elite sport's box (lounge area), where your at, to get out of the place. Try Stella and safe your self a lot of pain. Click here for Stella. (http://tombraiders.net/stella/)

9th Aug 2003, 02:05
Collin - dude - there's no flares in TR1.:D