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4th Aug 2003, 19:50
Lots of Tomb Raider gamers sat by and were even pleased when Eidos gave the authority of developing the Tomb Raider series to Crystal Dynamics. So let us analyse it calmly to see if this is something good or not.

What is Core-Design? It is the corporation that had made the entire Tomb Raider series from the first generation to The Angel of Darkness. It is its designers who give us real happiness.

Well, was it their fault that caused the problems in The Angel of Darkness? They have simply not been able to get enough time. They could not concentrate on level designing since it took much time to get familiar with PS2 and to design a new engine. And The Angel of Darkness would have certainly been able to attract new gamers by its outstanding graphics, music and story if only Core-Design could get one or two more months to perfect it. But to release the game before June 30th, when Eidos's financial year ended, they had to release the game in a hurry, which caused the problems and bugs in control, camera and many other aspects. Eidos now ascribes all responsibilities to Core-Design, depriving Core-Design of the authority to develop Tomb Raider, and is even going to investigate it. In fact, Core-Design will lose its value without Tomb Raider, and its designers may then be going to be dismissed, or out of work... Do we have the heart to see them, who had once given us infinite joy, come to such situation?

Will Core-Design never be able to produce excellent games? If they were like Blizzard, who have not got too much pressure, the circumstance would be completely different. Was Core-Design pleased to release Tomb Raider games frequently? Had they not said that they wanted to terminate this series as of the second generation? Because of great pressure, however, they had to develop new Tomb Raider games year after year, not being able to make innovations that they desired a reality. Eidos also looked for other designers to develop Golden Editions every year. Besides, had Core-Design not produced the high-quality game, The Last Revelation, under even such situation? Moreover, people who have made mistakes are not likely to make more mistakes. If they memorize this lesson given by The Angel of Darkness, the next generation of Tomb Raider will be in high quality.

Many people think that Crystal Dynamics may bring more innovations and produce better Tomb Raider games. Crystal Dynamics is, of course, also an excellent studio, and their The Legacy of Kain series and other games are not bad either. Nevertheless, every author has his own style. Tomb Raider games designed by them will no longer be in the Tomb Raider style, no matter what they look like or how excellent they may be. We want Tomb Raider rather than a new game which has only got the name, or else it would be better for us to play Indiana Jones, or Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to get enough "innovations". Do we want this? What we want are innovations in the precondition of preserving traditional Tomb Raider style which can only be done by Core-Design, creators of Tomb Raider.

We also have to consider that Crystal Dynamics is not familiar at all with action advanture games such as Tomb Raider since their productions are all dark style action games and, as an American corporation, it is also by no means like English Core-Design which is familiar with age-old cultures of Europe and all over the world, which are the very attraction of Tomb Raider.

It is not realistic to expect Crystal Dynamics produce excellent games with traditional Tomb Raider styles being preserved. Where could we find Core-Design and our familiar Tomb Raider if Crystal Dynamics produces an unsuccessful production? We are going to say good bye to Tomb Raider and Lara in this unluckily way?

Some friends hold the hope of self-made levels. Whereas, giving Tomb Raider to Crystal Dynamics means nearly no possibility for the level editor to be improved. The level editor is based on the standard of 1996, so many of the gamers' novel ideas cannot be achieved since many designable triggers and puzzles are restricted by the editor, not to mention its significant gap with today's games on graphics. Sooner or later everybody will be weary of this if improvements and supplements are unavailable.

As to gamers who do not like or even dislike Tomb Raider, they should not be happy with this either, for this will be another case that a publishing corporation destroys an excellent design group for the sake of commercial benefits. It is because of such publishing corporations which pay too much attention to economic benefits that games, which should have been a kind of art, are increasingly losing innovation and being commercialized. We have already lost Westwood which had produced the Legend of Kyrandia series and the Command and Conquer series. NWC, which produces Heroes of Might and Magic, is also facing an undefined furture. And the incident that several chief producers of BLIZZARD abdicated happened not long ago...

Are we, as a gamer, going to look on all these happen? To look on publishing corporations destroy our beloved games and design groups who had brought us infinite happiness? Do not forget that it was we who paid money to keep these corporations alive. Because we always sat by, accepting silently, those businessmen did all what they wished. As to this time, let us draw together to rescue our beloved games and producers. Let us say "No" together!

Let us demand together that Eidos change its wrong decision, return Lara and Tomb Raider to Core-Design and give it a looser environment to produce Tomb Raider games that we want. At least let Core-Design and Crystal Dynamics develop a Tomb Raider titled game respectively.

If Eidos does not respect our feelings and insist on doing so, let us then show the strength of gamers. We will no longer perchase any new Tomb Raider games or any games whose agent is Eidos. In this way, we will let the entire game circle and other publishing corporations see that gamers' will must be respected.

Wish Tomb Raider gamers from all over the world join up to collect signatures and comments of native gamers by means of BBS and mails, and put forward to Eidos. Although one voice may be useless, voices of thousands of, or tens of thousands of people will not be the same.

written by zd

5th Aug 2003, 01:47
Didn't you state in the 4th paragraph that Core had expessed their desire to be out of the Tomb Raiding business? Maybe they are ready to move on and maybe we should let them. Don't get me wrong. I was upset as anyone with Eidos' decision and the way they laid all the blame at Core's feet. I would like nothing more than to see Core continue to make great TR games, but the last couple haven't been so great. Maybe they're tired of it...maybe it's not what they want to be doing anymore. Just give Crystal a chance and see what they give us in return. It may be just what Lara needs.