View Full Version : Walkthroughs and Cheats

4th Aug 2003, 19:36
How many of you resort to walkthroughs or cheats

I will never use cheats, there's no point buying the game if you have to cheat, and i will only resort to walkthroughs after weeks on the same problem. When i do read the solution i normally call myself a dumb ass for not seeing it in the first place. But this is what i want from my TR Games and not to be 'led by the hand' literally in AOD

Blind Intentions
6th Aug 2003, 00:07
I only use walkthroughs when I am stuck, and careful not to read ahead so I don't spoil anything. As for cheats, I use em but only after I have beaten the game first without em

6th Aug 2003, 00:34
I can't vote in this poll, because cheats are different than walkthroughs.
I've consulted walkthroughs, but have never used cheats.

6th Aug 2003, 04:13
I'll use walk-thrus or hints if I'm completely stuck and need to start making progress again, but I hate myself for it. I never, ever read more than I need to know to move on.
I don't have any TR cheats, but if I did I might use them the third or fourth tim through just for some variety.
I'm almost finished the second time through, and it's still interesting enough to play without cheats.

6th Aug 2003, 22:31
i never used a walkthrough or a cheat, only time i ever did was the 3rd time i played FFVII to help find some of the things i missed. A couple of times in TR games i had to ask a mate for help when i was stuck. AOD tho i found far too easy and cant believe people need a walk through, no offence to anyone who did find they needed one tho, i guess im just too damned clever :p

9th Aug 2003, 21:42
well by definition a walkthrough IS a cheat of sorts as it tells you what is going to happen before it actually happens....but to answer the question, yes I use walkthroughs and cheats but only after I have completed the game on my own first. I use them only to see if there was something I could have done easier or if I missed anything

11th Aug 2003, 02:23
I'll only use walkthroughs as a last resort.

I'll use the cheats after I've been the game to make it more interesting. ;)

28th Aug 2003, 00:09
:D I alwyas use a walkthrough:D As I've said many times in the past, I am a tomb looker, not raider!:rolleyes: