View Full Version : Timesplitters 2 glitch

4th Aug 2003, 15:26
Have you ever incounterd a glitch in Time splitters? I have gotten two number one on the Sibria level at least one of the mutants comes and walks into a wall and only moves across the walls, he never wacks you. Number two on arcade custom my speed is always the speed of cortz. (Try playing flame tag or virus with him)
Even if I pick Viola or the monkey the speed is still not fast it only in proves a little. The endurence, aim and the body are the same.
If I play Flame tag in the end if I'am being chased I just blow there ass of with a mini gun our a rocet launcher. Has this happened to you?

5th Aug 2003, 01:14
I don't really know what you're on about. As for the speed issue in Virus, all the characters move at the same pace cos character abilities are disabled for this mode, which is why you run at the pace as Sgt. Cortez (Standard speed).

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