View Full Version : Which Company do you like most ?

4th Aug 2003, 12:55
A little before / after poll !

4th Aug 2003, 15:23
"Eidos, before they kicked Core into the balls" - Where is the balls? :D

Seriously, comparison of two developers and one publisher seems a little meaningless. What are we basing our opinions on? An indepth understanding of internal marketing affairs and events which we don't have? Core weren't kicked in the balls. They quite evidently failed to realise what they were paid to, on time or to a sufficient standard. There are plenty of eager developers around who are far more capable of creating a decent TR game (Crystal Dynamics included) on current generation hardware, so I see no reason why we should hate Eidos or love Core.

4th Aug 2003, 20:20
None of these choices seem to make any sense.
Eidos will be the one who ultimately publishes the game no matter who makes it. Eidos is not the designer/developer so it really should not be a choice here.

The choices for Crystal Dynamics are more or less the same thing. As far as Crystal Dynamics and TR are concerned, yes they are the 'new kid' AND they are still in the pre-stages for involvement in the TR series. The 'choices' are one in the same.

It would make more sense to have the poll with only two choices, and have it read something like:
Would you rather have Core or Crystal Dynamics design the game?

(and I might add that there are already several threads with that same idea, making this one rather redundant)

Lil Lara
8th Aug 2003, 06:28
core had balls? :confused: :p

um. i dont know much of crystal dynamics so can't really pass any judgement and i've always liked core/eidos.. even if they released buggy games or did some ball kicking. ;)

8th Aug 2003, 11:57
Not only does this poll not make any sense, its just plain goofy.
Some newb's attempt at being funny. Which it isn't.
Waste of bandwidth if you ask me.