View Full Version : LAN play between 2 ps2's and an Xbox?

4th Aug 2003, 04:03
Anyone try this or know that it's possible? Already have 2 ps2's hooked up, but have an xbox on the lan now and wanna try.

4th Aug 2003, 10:04
I'm guessing it wouldnt work since they run differently and have different software etc etc

4th Aug 2003, 15:32
Yeah, thats what I thought, would be a perfect world if it worked though.

6th Aug 2003, 02:07
Hey, actually i think you can. I was watching a review of timepslitters 2 on tv (g4tv) and i saw like a little bubble that said you could link them up although i dont know how. Just wanted to tell you.

6th Aug 2003, 05:10
k... I can almost garentee it wouldnt work cos they dont run the same! Why would someone make a console and then make it so it would work with a rival console? they would want you to tell your friends that its good on your console and that you can play each other so then your friends get it.

The only way it MIGHT work is with some sort of hack or somethin but even that is highly unlikely (altho those people can do some amazing things. Youd probably have to hook it up through your pc and then run a program which changes messages from one conole to another's and vice versa. That might work :D

Ab ^_^