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4th Aug 2003, 03:26
Do you know any stats ??? Like how many new members have posted photos, how many old ???

Now that we've got a lot more people posting (I would think, because of AOD...) maybe another member collage is in order - was that Dhama that did that ???

4th Aug 2003, 04:15
For a minute there you got my hopes up and I thought Data was coming back to us! :p

How is Data doing? I miss her! :(

Isn't the Photo Album still at the top of the page here as important?

4th Aug 2003, 19:33
Love to do another members poster but time is not on my side. I've 5 custom levels, including Data's to finish and the sound tracks and boost the TRLE with some TRAOD textures plus moderator duties and scrubbing the cat.....did I say scrubbing the cat?... no, scrub that one..........

As for Data, she's enjoying things too much in New Zealand and says something about a whole new world outside the PC and Tomb Raider..... spllhhff!! what does she know. :D

4th Aug 2003, 20:04
thats good data is enjoying her new life away from the computer :D

if i had Photoshop or something like that other than Microsoft Paint, id be willing to make a poster of all the forum members together.

how about DKSM? he's good at that kind of stuff, so is Staticon :)

5th Aug 2003, 04:08
Glad she's enjoying herself - !!!

As for the photo thing, maybe somebody will come up with the time and the software... let's see, where did I put that last one dhama did ???

Scrubbing the cat ??? Geez - you are a risk-taker...

5th Aug 2003, 04:54
That's so cool! :) How long has she been there for? And what exactly is she there for too? ;) :p