View Full Version : Secrets in TR2

3rd Aug 2003, 22:36
I need help getting the third secret (gold) in Temple of Xian. I see where it is, I just dont know exactly how to get to it. I'd appretiate any help given!

3rd Aug 2003, 23:30
You have to get the gold dragon first. When you slide at the beginning of the level, you must slide backwards near the end in order to grab the edge at the end of the slide, then shimmy left. If you don't do it then, you can never get back there.

So how can you possibly know that you have to do that, until it's too late?

You can't know, so the general rule is to try to slide backwards, so you have the option to grab at the end, in case there is someplace you need to get to.

3rd Aug 2003, 23:56
Thanks so much!