View Full Version : What ever happened to Gunderson - more spoilers...kinda

3rd Aug 2003, 21:40
Did he die in the end?

Oh yeah, and i think my computer is shagged, - spoiler- in the last FMV, does it end with Lara picking up Kurtis' disc and walkin into the dark???? is that how the game ends or is my comp #*%&@#

3rd Aug 2003, 21:45
yeah thats how it ends, supposed to lead onto the next game. but now Crystal Dynamics took over the franchise....who knows.

John Carter
4th Aug 2003, 01:30
Gunderson is still walking around somewhere....unless he got his comeuppance in a part of the game that was left out of the final version.

Alot of stuff we will never know now, I suppose. Boaz, for example. All the promotional literature mentioned she "was horribly disfigured in a plane crash", so I wonder, was she on the plane that Lara wrecked in when Lara was a teenager? Was there some sub-plot to come there? We don't know, because in her first speaking role she becomes a snack for the pod-creature.

Perhaps Gunderson will reappear with an army of Gexoid lizard boys in the Crystal D TR game. ;)