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3rd Aug 2003, 18:54
Did Eidos / Core fire their programming staff and replace it with monkeys?!?! The new game engine is awful. I have been a long time TR fan but this game controls so horribly I doubt the direction and capability of the Tomb Raider programmers after this hunk of junk. Note: the design and creativity holds up the TR standards I look for but after several levels of absolute frustration *attempting* to control Mrs. Croft I give up.

I have played all the TR games all the way through and some multiple times just for the sheer pleasure of seeing the environment or finding the one or two secrets I may of missed. I so wish the programmers stuck to the same engine. Hell, the TR1 controlled many times better then this game and YES I would of been a fully satisfied customer if this game used the TR1 engine but what is going on with how Lara moves in this game?

Stairs: I hold down the right or left cursor for approximately.. ohhhh let's say 1/10 of a second she ends up doing about 180 to 270 degree turn!

Action: Just running along minding my own business and run past a pipe or perhaps a window. What happens? She decides to go check it out!! What the.... stop it!! THE ACTION KEY SHOULD ALLOW ME TO DO THIS!!!!

Level Up: This is hilarious!!! I smash a door down with my shoulder ( I like this function stand-alone ) then all of a sudden I'm strong enough to move some object *with my dislocated should*. Yeah!!! Makes sense! LOL

Movement in general: Many times harder to position this chick when lining up to jump. Hell if there is fog or alot of objects near by it’s practically impossible to get her straight (1.3ghtz, 128 Video w/ TnL, 512 ram), And running is laughable unless it's a big open field. Perhaps the Nevada Desert I could run Lara for more then a couple steps before bashing face first into something. Someone call the police I'm beating Lara up.

Railings: Great! I love how, instead of providing protection from falling to her death, she casual walks up to them and jumps over the side to plummet into the meat grinder. You programmers program her high on some drug or what? This is very much related to my statement in the Action section above.

Stamina: OHHH! I have something good to say. When doing something exerting her stamina bar goes down till fatigued. Makes the game more of a challenge. Good Job! I love the additional factor to up the diffuculty challage.

Other: Some textures missing. I have to reset my Keyboard settings EVERYTIME. FMV's play ( I can hear them) but I can not see them. Quick Save (F5) sucks!! Make it like the others before!! Do It!! Load Game simply doesn't work. Camera mode not always functional! What, she have a crink in her neck?

LEAVE THE TR5 ENGINE ALONE AND KEEP USING IT! The game is about the puzzles and controllability to complete the puzzles based on intelligence and dexterity! Not how high a frustration thresh-hold one has!

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4th Aug 2003, 00:57
There are only about a million threads here debating this very same topic and I think the only people who know what really happened are Core and Eidos.
My theory is Core were having more problems than they bargained on (probably alot of those were due to outside inteference....speculation) perfecting the new engine, thus the numerous delays. Then, I think Eidos put their foot down on a release date, thus the numerous bugs, flaws and glitches in the game. The game simply wasn't completed when released.
Remember: In business, the bottom line is always the bottom line

4th Aug 2003, 01:11
Well I do apologize that this is just another senseless bashing post about the quality of the game but it is so frustrating I zipped over here and started yelling =P

Anyways I hope they (whoever will own the TR publication rights in the years to come) fix this major control issue in the next game cause it does not respond like the older TR games... and I **firmly believe it should**. If it doesn't then the game should be called something else so I don't waste another 50 bucks.

With that said, anyone have any .tga files of AOD? I like some of them for TRLE.

4th Aug 2003, 15:32
Don't apologize to me. Anyone who paid their 50 bucks and feels they didn't get what they paid for is entitled to a little senseless bashing. I did it!:D